Roster 2008-2009

Executive Board
Chair: Shirley Bigna
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Gwido Zlatkes
Secretary: Christina Cicchetti
Delegate: Kuei Chiu
Alternate Delegate: Ying Shen
Past Chair: Patricia Hargis

Committee on Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction, and Elections
Chair: Sharon Scott (1st Year)


Kuei Chiu (2nd Year)

Alternate: Lynne Reasoner
Committee on Cultural Diversity
Chair: Krista Ivy (2nd Year)


Rhonda Neugebauer (2nd Year)

Judy Lee (2nd Year)

Kuei Chiu (2nd Year)

Ruben Urbizagastegui (2nd Year)

Michael Yonezawa (2nd Year)

Margaret Hogarth (1st Year)
Committee on Library Plans and Policy (Hiatus)


Committee on Personnel
Chair: Gwido Zlatkes (LAUC-R Vice Chair Elect)


Rhonda Neugebauer (1st Year)

Lizbeth Langston (2nd Year)

Patricia Smith-Hunt (2nd Year)

Michele Potter (2nd Year)

Jess Nevins (1st Year)


Committee on Research and Professional Development
Chair: Margaret Hogarth (2nd Year)


Sharon Scott (1st Year)

Patricia Smith- Hunt (2nd Year)

David Rios (2nd Year)

Gwido Zlatkes (2nd year)

Geetha Yapa (2nd year)

Marie Bronoel (1st year)

Committee on Professional Governance
Chair: Michael Yonezawa (2nd Year)

Heidi Hutchinson (2nd Year)

Kuei Chiu (2nd Year)

Ying Shen (1st Year)
Committee on Programs
Chair: Manuel Urrizola (2nd Year)

Stephen Mitchell (1st Year)

Debbie Renfrow (2nd Year)

Rhonda Neugebauer (2nd Year)

Margaret Hogarth (1st Year)
UCR Academic Senate Committee

Committee on Courses: Vicki Bloom

Library Committee: Diane Bisom
Parliamentarian: Manuel Urrizola

Krista Ivy

Brian Geiger

Shirley Bigna
Liz Langston, Chair 2008-2009

Ken Furuta (2nd member)

Margaret Hogarth (3rd member)

Marie Bronoel (1st Alternate)

Melissa Conway (2nd Alternate)