Special Meeting: Oct. 23, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Members present: Shirley Bigna (chair), Michael Yonezawa, Gwido Zlatkes, Manuel Urrizola, Lizbeth Langston, Ying Shen, Sharon Scott, Rhonda Neugebauer, Kuei Chiu, Debbi Renfrow, Heidi Hutchinson, Margaret Hogarth, Judy Lee, Patricia Hargis, Melissa Conway, Christina Cicchetti, David Rios, Barbara Schader

Next meeting: Nov. 25

Lizbeth Langston, CACLS Chair 2008-09 and Michael Yonezawa, CACLS Past Chair presented. The purpose of the meeting was to update members on changes in review procedures. They recommend that LAUC-R host separate hands-on peer workshops for Review Initiators and Candidates.
The review process has been set up through Library Administration and the Vice Provost’s office. Dr. Jackson sent the call out 10/6/08. A major change to the call was to remove the section dealing with appointment files. The other major change was to the calendar itself. Calendar changes are intended to provide more time for AULs and the UL to read and process reviews. Thus several parts of the review process are due earlier than in previous years. Previously Review Initiators had to begin writing their evaluations before all review letters were received. Changes allow more time for letters of reference to come in yet still allow for Review Initiators to incorporate them into their evaluations. Call goes out 30 days before the first action is due.

Summary of Changes:
Initial review discussions are earlier (Nov-Dec). Review action form, form for letters & evaluations (if applicable), Some actions can be parallel now instead of sequential, again to allow more time.
Meeting (Mid-year review) w/ review initiator has been made a formal part of the call and is the
mid-point of the review process.
Appendix J – Review Initiators Request for Secondary Reviews. New form made an official part
of the process; this change was made to prevent not getting all appropriate evaluations.
See CACLS Tips for Writing Review Documentation on LAUC-R web site:
LAUC-R peer review website will be updated to include current information. LAUC-R’s Committee on Professional Governance recommendations for changes to PAM 2.1 will be
distributed again to the membership. While these proposed changes are not official yet, they can nonetheless serve as a guide since they reflect current practice up to last year’s review cycle
The deadline for Out of Review Cycle Request is Dec. 19, after deadline for submission of letters of recommendation. Thus it is advised to begin the request earlier than in past years.
There was a discussion of the possibility of making the review process electronic, such as faculty are using. Michael pointed out that the Academic Personnel eFile Systems is currently only for Academic Senate faculty in select departments and only for regular merit review files. Dr. Jackson has stated in the past that the Library process needs to be cleaned up on paper before going electronic.
Melissa encouraged everyone to attend the Adjarian reception on Th., Oct. 30; Shirley urged members to apply for grants to attend LAUC Fall Assembly.

Submitted by Christina Cicchetti, LAUC-R Secretary
November 10, 2008