Membership Meeting: Jan. 12, 2016

2:00-3:10 pm
Location: Rivera 403

Members Present:  Carla Arbagey (Chair), Kat Koziar (Secretary), Kuei Chiu, Christina Cicchetti, Ann Frenkel, Ken Furuta, Krista Ivy, Denise Kane, Angela Lee, Judy Lee, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Julie Mason, Eric Milenkiewicz, Tiffany Moxham, Rhonda Neugebauer, David Rios, Anthony Sanchez, Alison Scott, Sharon Scott, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Manuel Urrizola, Michael Yonezawa, Virginia Schilling (Guest).

Meeting called to order by Carla Arbagey.

  1. Systemwide report
    Carla Reporting.

    1. In the new UCLAS structure, the groups Shared Content Leadership Group (SCLG) and Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC) will have a LAUC representative included in the group.
    2. Assembly is at UC Merced in late March. Donald Barclay will be presenting on the new UCLAS structure.
    3. Three new system-wide LAUC committees are formed: Archives Taskforce, LAUC Journal Taskforce, and Web Content Committee. (see for all LAUC committees).
    4. There was talk about sharing library strategic plans system-wide.
  1. LAUC Position Papers
    Carla started discussion regarding LAUC position papers, which will be voted upon by LAUC delegates during the Assembly to reaffirm, retire, or replace the below indicated position papers. Michael Yonezawa provided background information: historically and before librarian had a union, LAUC would state a position or provide clarification on issues or topics of concern which impacted librarians systemwide.  There was a question and discussion regarding the goals of the positions papers.  Patricia Smith-Hunt questioned if the position papers haven’t been reviewed in a while, how do we know if they’re implemented?  Alison Scott observed that the position papers were not written to take a position on something, but as technical guidance.  It was agreed by many that any replacements of position papers should be written as a position.  Discussion and/or results of each are indicated below.  If anyone wants to provide further feedback, email to Carla Arbagey, Tiffany Moxham, or new alternate delegate (when appointed), and cc Michael Yonezawa.

    1. Criteria for Appointment, Promotion and Advancement in the Librarian Series (Last revised May 30, 2003).
      1. Suggested action: Retire
    2. Development of Effective Communication between Statewide LAUC and Library Council (Last revised April 1989. Library Council no longer exists).
      Suggested action: Replace, but rewrite so it is more general.
    3. Documentation Guidelines for the Review of Librarians (Last revised June 1990). Suggested action: Retire
    4. Review Procedures for Librarians Outside the Normal Campus Peer Review Process (Established August 31, 1977. No revisions).
      • Discussion: Having a position on this allows us the opportunity to make a statement on the future of librarianship. However, it should be more generic, as an example “If a librarian is employed at two or more UC campuses, a fair and suitable process should be incorporated into the review process to provide meaningful and appropriate feedback.”  Ann Frankel observed that a position paper on this does not need to exist because it is already incorporated into the review process.
      • Suggested action: No clear position. Split between Retire and Replace
  2. Committee reports
    1. Bylaws: Sharon Scott reporting.  First committee meeting is in January 2016.
    2. Personnel Committee: Julie Mason reporting.  Upcoming meeting they will go over four tasks.  Upcoming hires in the library will compose of four librarians and three non-librarians.
    3. Programs Committee: Rhonda Neugebauer reporting. Still evaluating programs.
    4. Diversity Committee: Denise Kane reporting. They are working on a proposal for a group presentation.
    5. Mentoring Committee:
      Krista Ivy reporting.

      • Tallied survey to find out if staff if they are interested in becoming professionals. Sent out 100 surveys and received 33 responses.  Nineteen stated yes, 14 no.  Areas which were mentioned were digital curation, collection development, archives, and cyberinfrastructure.  Programming will support the program, and be available for all employees.  Recommend to reinstitute 5-6 month mentoring program, with 2 hours of release time.
      • Suggestion to talk with Lisa Dye on possibility to have librarians shadow colleagues at other UCs
      • Are recruiting more members, since there are only two members.
    6. Research & Professional Development Committee:
      Julie Mason reporting.

      1. Second call for presentation grants. March 2nd will have actual decision.  Full details are on the website at
      2. All forms are on the LAUC-R website:
  3. Senate Rep reports
    1. Committee on Courses: Tiffany Moxham reporting they are meeting that week.
    2. Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication: No report because they received no meeting notification.
  4. Round-Robin postponed due to lack of time.
  5. Approval of November 10, 2015 minutes
    Minutes approved

Meeting adjourned 3:10 p.m.