Membership Meeting: Mar. 8, 2016

2:00-3:27 pm
Location: Orbach 240

Members Present:  Carla Arbagey (Chair), Kat Koziar (Secretary), Diane Bisom, Christina Cicchetti, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Julie Mason, Tiffany Moxham, Rhonda Neugebauer,
Alison Scott, Sharon Scott, Ying Shen, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Michael Yonezawa.

Meeting called to order by Carla Arbagey at 2:02pm.

  1. Announcements
    April 12 is National Library Workers’ Day. Planning something for LAUC to do.
  2. Approval of Minutes
    No Quorum
  3. Systemwide Update
    1. Planning a LAUC 50th anniversary celebration
      Carla Reporting: Planning local celebration with historical photos and documents from LAUC
    2. UCOLASC (University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication) report
      Carla Reporting: update from Diane Mizrachi concern from all libraries regarding space, facilities, and budget. Steve stated there is an aspirational goal of library seating for 20% of students; we are currently at ~9% seating.  The RLFs are filling up earlier than originally projected; while it is harder now to fund new RLFs, UCLA & Berkeley are asked to generate and policy to document optimal funding levels.
    3. Possible meeting with new head of CDL
      LAUC President is meeting with CDL head, who is starting in May.
      1. Assembly at UC Merced, March 21st. Will have five poster sessions from new librarians.
      2. Registration is currently closed.
      3. Live webcast is available: Update
  4. APM 360 Revisions: how would we like to handle giving feedback?
    UCOP sent out entire APM 360 for revisions. Michael stated when items aren’t clearly stated or not in the MOU, the APMs precedence.  Tiffany suggested that if a committee or subgroup pertains to the APMs, they should be the ones to work on it.  Suggestions also to send out a general email to LAUC-R for anyone interested in reviewing the documents.  LAUC will accept all comments.  Diane M. is collecting comments at the meeting.  A union response will also be forthcoming.
  5. Report from the 2/9 brainstorming session
    1. Thanks to all to participated. From Carla’s notes: suggestions included respect and how we treat each other; the library as place; communication and interaction; training opportunities; technology programs.
    2. Michael suggested mapping the suggestions to activities, such as current or existing activities.
  6. Committee reports
    1. Personnel Committee: Julie Mason reporting.  No new positions were reviewed.
    2. Programs Committee: Rhonda Neugebauer reporting. Have ideas to implement.
    3. Research & Professional Development Committee: Julie M. reporting. Two submitted presentation grant proposals.  ($1500 research grant due end of March).  $1500 for everyone during the current fiscal year, with no carry-over.  Steve stated there is a NCSU Data Visualization Institute for which three librarians and one staff applied, which the library is committed to supporting fully.
    4. Diversity Committee: Melissa not attending.
    5. Mentoring Committee: Mentoring program approved by Library administration. Thanks to all who volunteered to be mentors.  Committee needs more members.
    6. Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction, Elections: Sharon Scott reporting elections are coming up.
    7. Professional Governance: Update on PAMs 2.1 & 2.2
      Recommendations: Retire 2.1, Update 2.2. Steve recommended reviewing complete PAM system.
  7. Senate Rep reports
    1. Committee on Courses: Tiffany reporting.  Committee will send back online course requests due to inadequate requirements (e.g. reading Wikipedia).  Need to ensure classes have a clear way to evaluate students.  Steve stated that UCOP wants pathways to get students through programs in three instead of four years.  On average, UCR degrees require six credits more than other UCs.
    2. Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication: Melissa Cardenas-Dow is the new representative.  Steve reported the 3/14 meeting was cancelled.
  8. Bylaws reminder: Carla stated it’s always a good idea to review the bylaws for currency, such as updating CACLS to CAPA-L

Meeting adjourned 3:27 p.m.