Membership Meeting: May 10, 2016

2:00-3:01 pm
Location: Rivera 403

Members Present:  Carla Arbagey (Chair), Kat Koziar (Secretary), Diane Bisom, Kuei Chiu, Ann Frenkel, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Angela Lee, Julie Mason, Eric Milenkiewicz, David Rios, Alison Scott, Ying Shen.

Meeting called to order by Carla Arbagey at 2:05pm.

  1. Announcements
    1. Postcards were sent to staff in honor of National Library Workers’ Day (on April 12). Thanks to Carla for heading the effort.  The postcards were positively received.
    2. Next meeting is June 14th in Orbach, 2-3:30pm, Lightning Round presentations. Looking for volunteers to present.
  2. Approval of Minutes
    1. No Quorum
  3. System-wide Update
    1. Research grants. Please apply for extra funds.  There will be a webinar to help applicants prepare for the September call.
    2. WEST Webinar. Presented by Cathy Martyniak.  No date yet.
    3. Shared Content Leadership Group: Charter now available. Includes the different relationships between groups.
    4. Website Content Committee
      • Updated rosters.
      • People who send in information are eligible to win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards.
    5. LAUC Journal Task Force
      • Read the Task Force report online
      • E-Venue Task Force disbanded the LAUC Journal Task Force. Results of the survey can be summed up as “there might not be as much interest as they thought.”
    6. Campus tidbits
      • UC Davis. Adopted Primo Discovery service, as part of Ex Libris Alma.  Seven new librarians.
      • UC Berkeley. Using Katherine Kott as consultant.
      • UC San Diego. Moving their intranet to Confluence.
  1. LAUC Assembly Report
    1. Position Papers Nos. 1 (one) and 3 (three) are retired. Number 2 (two) will be updated/revised.  Number 4 (four) will be replaced.  Adam Siegel (UC Davis) is leading the group to rewrite.
    2. Discussion with Dan Russell of Google. Dan Russell led a discussion on what the right questions were, and the power of asking questions.  Had a brainstorming session on the question: if librarians were in charge of Google, what would we do different.
    3. Committee reports available at the Assembly website
  2. APM 360 Revisions
    Current revisions are primarily grammatical and style changes.
  3. LAUC/LAUC-R Elections
    1. Carla is running for Vice President of LAUC
    2. Sharon is in charge of elections committee, and accepting volunteers/nominations for officer positions within LAUC-R.
  4. Committee Reports:
    1. Personnel: Julie reporting. Reviewed two new job descriptions.  In Special Collections, a Collections Management Librarian to provide technical services, supervision, and project management of the accessioning and processing of materials.
    2. Programs: Carla on behalf of Rhonda. We had the screening of “Chinese Couplets.”  Upcoming events. May 20th Diversity & Children’s Literature (In the HUB).  June 8th webinar on “Managing Up.”
    3. Research & Professional Development. Krista and Christina received presentation grants.
    4. Carla on behalf of Melissa.  We had the screening of “Chinese Couplets.”
    5. Carla on behalf of Krista. No additional volunteers for the committee.  Will wait until fall to start up program.
    6. Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction, Elections. See #9 below.
    7. Professional Governance. Michael not in attendance.
  5. Senate Representatives
    1. Committee on Courses. Tiffany not in attendance.
    2. Committee on Library and IT. Steve reported the committee met that day.  Committee is developing a business case proposal for a poster printing service in the library, which will be going up for budget shortly.
  6. Discussion: Bylaws and Affiliate Membership.
    1. The committee on Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction, Elections will change CACLS to CAPA-L in the Bylaws. Comment was made on the need for the Bylaws to reflect the Call.
    2. Made standing rule to allow invited guests.

Meeting adjourned 3:01 p.m.