Membership Meeting: Apr. 10, 2017

Location: Orbach 240

Respectfully submitted by Kent LaCombe

Present: Kat Koziar, Kuei Chiu, Tiffany Moxham, Noah Geraci, Dani Cook, Alison Scott, Yoko Kudo, Swati Bhattacharyya, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Manuel Urrizola, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Eric Milenkiewicz, Carla Arbagey, Cherry Williams, David Rios, Ying Shen, Zayda Delgado, Janet Reyes, Sara Stilley, Judy Lee, Ann Frenkel, Jessica Geiser, Kent LaCombe

  1. Minutes from the 01/26/17 LAUC-R membership meeting were approved as amended
  2. The LAUC systemwide assembly meeting is in April. They are still seeking stories about LAUC and its history.  This is the last day to register to attend the gathering in Irvine.
  3. Committee reports
    Research and Professional Development
    Tiffany reported that everyone should have turned in what they are doing with their professional development funds.  Requests for supplemental funds should be submitted by the 15th of April.  Tiffany received the funding status report and sent out individual balance information as March 30th.  She’s updating the professional development spreadsheet with the relevant data.  Kat, Swati, Dani, Yoko, Cherry and Tiffany will be further updating information by meeting with individuals.  Additional requests can be added through May 20th.  Some members have exceeded their limits while others have not utilized all of their funds.  Finance is tracking expenditures.  Steve suggested that a proposal be created for how best to track allocations and ensure they are utilized fairly.  The only guaranteed money is what is specifically spelled out in the contracts.  Kuei suggested using Google Docs.  Carla will check with other campuses and see whether librarians or budget and finance are tracking individual expenditures.  Steve relayed that some campuses approve different amounts based on the potential professional impact of what they are requesting funds for.
  4. Other business
    Steve is meeting with President Napolitano for their second annual meeting.
    The NRLF’s proposed 50 million dollar expansion was scaled back to 33 million.  The SRLF cannot be expanded due to its location on a fault.  Access to tier 1 shared resources is becoming financially unsustainable for 6 of 10 UC campuses.
    The California Library Association issued a call for proposals this week.  Kat is looking for suggestions.  Cherry and David mentioned to possibility of something related to preservation and/or digital preservation.  What are the advantages of digital in terms of utilizing data? Carla and Noah brought up how we have envisioned doing and exhibits.

Meeting adjourned.