Membership Meeting: Jan. 26, 2017

2:00 pm
Location: Orbach 240

Present: Kat Koziar, Kuei Chiu, Tiffany Moxham, Noah Geraci, Rhonda Neugebauer, Dani Cook, Ken Furuta, Alison Scott, Yoko Kudo, Swati Bhattacharyya, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Manuel Urrizola, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Michael Yonezawa, Eric Milenkiewicz, Robin Katz, Carla Arbagey, David Rios, Kent LaCombe, Ying Shen, Christina Cicchetti, Zayda Delgado, JJ Jacobson, Janet Reyes, Angela Lee, Ann Frenkel

  1. Minutes from the 12/08/16 LAUC-R membership meeting were approved as amended.
  2. Discussed the LAUC exec assembly at UC Irvine. Normally the vice-chair attended, but Judy is attending as an alternate delegate.  Two more delegates are needed.  Kat is willing to carpool.  For the 50th anniversary of LAUC 5 or so highlights are needed.  Are there any scrapbooks or relevant photos that could be utilized?
    Carla mentioned there was a call for posters for the assembly.  Virtual posters are also an option.
  3. Committee reports
    1. Diversity
      Kent reported on the diversity committee’s interest in seeing the libraries incorporate all gender restrooms.  Steve expressed interest but pointed out the serious budgetary constraints the library currently has.  Kent brought up the single stall restroom in Rivera as a possible starting point that would not require renovation.  The committee is also working on putting a speaking panel together – currently have acquired tentative agreements to speak from Associated Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion Miriam Lam and former UCR LAUC-R diversity chair Melissa Cardenas-Dow
    2. Elections – vice-chair elections were held.  Eric was elected vice-chair of LAUC-R.
    3. Programs committee
      • Co-sponsored in November with student groups and academic programs, the visit of author and actress Diana Guerrero – address issues of being forcefully separated from family members who were undocumented (co-sponsored by the UCR Undocumented Student Programs Office)
      • Co-sponsored an ALA webinar with the Diversity Committee on Diversity in Libraries (Oct 2016) and a brown bag with UCR attendees of the National Diversity in Libraries Conference at UCLA in August 2016;
      • Rhonda reported on a number of programs under development by the Committee, including a panel on diversity with AEVC Mariam Lam, a program on Cassini mission, a program for foodies on eating more veggies and fruit (coming in the Spring quarter).
      • The Programs Committee will co-sponsor a panel on diversity with the Diversity Committee – on Monday May 15
      • Possible speaker from the Jet propulsion laboratory will speak about the Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn – on May 9
      • Noah is reviewing climate change data and may proposed a future panel (on hold)
      • February proposed program idea on Black Lives Matter was canceled due to the number of other campus activities around the same time period
    4. Tiffany is going to email information related to the timeline and due dates for submitting professional development funding
      In the 1970s and 80s LAUC-R directed some funds toward individual grants: $1,500 for represented and $500 for non-represented.  Is there any interest in reinstating that system?  Tiffany stated that she preferred the current system.  Eric agreed.  A motion was passed to continue distributing LAUC-R funds evenly between membership and also to revise the website’s information.  Additionally the bylaws will be reviewed to see if they need changed.
    5. Committee on courses
      Tiffany reported that there is a general sense that we are behind on online learning.  She said it would be helpful if a link to the library was added to the iLearn interface.
    6. Carla reported there are systemwide Research and Professional Development grants available. The deadline to apply is March 3rd.  Kat will follow up with an email announcement.
    7. Committee chairs are coming to the next exec meeting. One item of interest is brainstorming possible brownbag topics / times.
    8. Steve reported that he is meeting with the Chancellor and other deans for a structured conversation regarding campus issues.
    9. Other: we need to assure that important announcements go out

      Noah reported on his review of climate change data.  Websites are archived in the CDL internet archive.  Steve will be talking to Günter and John from the California Digital Library.  We currently have an end of term web archive for a number of federal sites at the end of President Obama’s Administration.  The longer our crawlers run on a site, the more complete the backup.

      Steve will be meeting with Mike Pazzani and others to discuss where data might be stored.  One option is a two petabytes server farm.

      Meeting adjourned