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Librarians Association of the
University of California
2004 Spring Assembly @ UC Riverside

LAUC Spring Assembly
Thursday,13 May, 2004
UC Riverside

Science Library Room 240

9:30- 10:00 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Business meeting

  1. Call to Order

  2. UC Riverside Welcome - David Rios, Interim Associate University Librarian for Services and Special Projects

  3. Announcements – LAUC-R Local Arrangements Committee & L. Kennedy

  4. Review of Agenda

  5. Report of the Secretary – Barbara Schader

    1. Roll Call of Divisions and Delegates
    2. Approval of Minutes, Fall Assembly 2003

  6. President's Report – Linda Kennedy

  7. Reports: LAUC Representatives to System-Wide Groups

    1. Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC) - Ann Jensen (B)
    2. Systemwide Operations Planning and Advisory Group (SOPAG)--Tammy Dearie (SD)
    3. Collection Development Committee (CDC) - Nancy Kushigian (D)
    4. Heads of Public Services (HOPS) - Catherine Soehner (SC)
    5. Heads of Technical Services (HOTS) - Jain Fletcher (LA)
    6. Library Technology Advisory Group (LTAG) —Gabriella Gray
    7. Northern Regional Library Facility – David DeLorenzo (B)
    8. Privacy Liaison Group – Susana Hinojosa (B)
    9. RLF Task Force – Sheryl Davis (R)
    10. Resource Sharing Group – Kerry Scott (SC)
    11. Southern Regional Library Facility - Sheryl Davis (R)

  8. UC Office of the President Report - Myron Okada, Director, University of California, Office of Academic Personnel (20 min.)

  9. Reports: LAUC Committees and Task Forces (20 min.)

    1. Ad Hoc Awards Committee - Chuck Wilson (LA)
    2. Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction – Cynthia Jahns (SC)
    3. Diversity Committee – Sylvia Curtis (SB) and Annette Marines (SC)
    4. Library Plans & Policies – Julie Kwan (LA)
    5. Nominating Committee – Esther Grassian (LA)
    6. Position Paper Review Task Force - Deborah Turner (SC)
    7. Professional Governance Committee – Sherry DeDecker (SB)
    8. Research and Professional Development Committee – Terence Huwe (B)
    9. Scholarly Communication Web Editorial Board

  10. Old Business

  11. New Business

    1. Resolutions

  12. [Time and Place of the Next Assembly to be determined at LAUC Executive Board Meeting]

  13. Adjournment

Lunch 12:30-1:15


One University, One Library: A Budgetary Perspective From the Outside In


  • Trudis Heinecke Director, Long Range Planning, University of California, Office of the President Budget Office

  • George Bynon, Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services, University of California, Davis

  • Elaine Tennant, Professor of German, and Co-Chair, UC Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate, Committee on Library


Original Agenda - (MS Word)