Chair Annual Report 2000-2001

Though this year never promised to be a quiet one, I had no idea how busy it would ultimately become. LAUC met with candidates for 5 different positions this year, coped with some of the issues of the librarian series transition, dealt with the changes in the reporting structure and ultimately worked on the preliminary issues of recruiting a new University Librarian. We had some great discussions along the way and are clearly energized to do great work in the coming years.

I became chair in the fall after a major announcement which at the time seemed to pass without much notice. The EVC announced a change to the reporting structure which would involve the library reporting to a newly created position, the AEVC (Associate Executive Vice Chancellor). In all honesty we weren’t really sure what to think about this, but we were certain that we did not want the review structure to change and so advised the EVC to retain the review structure for the librarians.

At the same time, Scotmail became a pretty major issue, because some people had never received the messages notifying the campus of the change in the campus organizational structure. Because some librarians are on the Faculty list, some on the ANS (academic non senate faculty) list and some on the staff list there were some groups who never received certain messages. This problem was not fully resolved, and ought to be monitored over the course of time.

Soon after the beginning of the LAUC year, at our October meeting, Cathy palmer came to visit. She was mostly sharing information about charges etc�, but one of the interesting things to come out of the meeting was that LAUC-I had recently been successful in lobbying to gain representation on all but one Academic Senate Committee. It was also apparent that one of the largest concern of the riverside librarians was our lack of voice on campus. This inspired my year-long quest to figure out what we could do about this. This quest ultimately took the form of an ad hoc committee which I created and charged at the final meeting of the year in July: The Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Visibility. This committee has been very active.

In November we held out annual CACLS hosted review kick-off meeting. That meeting is becoming a tradition and I hope to see it continue.

In December, the Union completed its bargaining with several effects on LAUC-R. One, we finally got our budget, which was significantly enhanced from the previous years and enables us to increase our research budget from 2000 to 3200, our professional development from 14,800 to 18,000 and have money left over to fund some honorariums for speakers, offer to help fund various gifts and to cater several meetings. Please see the annual reports for the Research Committee, the Programs Committee, and the Professional Development Committee for more information on how the budget was spent.

Another significant effect of the Union Bargaining is the new relationship between the APM and the MOU for represented librarians. The APM is now in some sense linked to the MOU so that changes in the APM are now subject to the agreement of the union. This is creating a subtle difference in the way professional governance is handled for represented and non-represented librarians. My understanding of the logistics of the situation is not quite complete. It is apparent to me, however, that this change will create many complications in the coming years. On several campuses, the relationship between the union and LAUC has become quite confused.

At the January meeting, John Tanno Joined us for a discussion of how the new reporting structure, finalized in December, would affect the librarians and the librarian review process.

In the Spring the Visibility committee held a series of meetings to strategize the return of the former reporting structure. Ultimately this group: Rhonda Neugebauer, Judy Lee and myself, met with the Executive Vice Chancellor and the reporting structure was returned to its previous form. We may have to stay on top of this to make sure the change is reflected throughout all of the paperwork.

Other events and issues of concern this year:

  • Bylaws changes at the systemwide level were voted on at the Fall assembly and were passed.
  • The Professional Governance committee explored the meaning, usefulness and logistics of the distinguished step.
  • In the spring, following Jim Thompson’s announcement that he was retiring, we began preliminary discussions about what we want in a new UL.
  • We offered to fund a memorial book for Robert and Betty Lang, who sadly passed away during this year, but the Collection Development Department was unable to find an appropriate book during the LAUC Year
  • We voted to rededicate the patio as the Robert and Elizabeth Lang Memorial Patio. This will be an appropriate place for memorials of any past or future librarians of UCR. The rededication event and the Plaque were generously paid for by Library Administration.
  • We welcomed several new members to LAUR-R including Rhonda Neugebauer, Melissa Conway, Geetha Yapa, Jerry Adams and David Rios.
  • At the Fall Assembly, Cathy showed a video presentation Generational Change in Librarianship, by Stanley Wilder, which was very entertaining and reflected on her interest in promoting the profession to young people and transferring our goals and values to them. I showed the video to LAUC-R and we had an excellent, lively discussion.
  • A survey was done of the faculty by the Academic Senate Library Committee dealing with their satisfaction with the Library. The results of this survey were put into their annual report.
  • The Committee on Plans and Policies was charged to:
  • Explore the campus 2010 report and education LAUC-R on the pertinent issues and opportunities,
  • Lead discussions with LAUC-R to determine a response both within the library and perhaps to the administration. Which they did throughout the Winter. These discussions were lively and interesting.
  • Write a report detailing the challenges and opportunities presented by the 2010 vision. At this time I have not received this report.

It was a challenging and excellent year. I hope that future years may capitalize on projects started or completed in this year.

I want to make one further note about assemblies. I thoroughly enjoyed the assemblies and the interaction with the representatives from the other campuses. Assemblies provide and excellent opportunity to meet other UC Librarians and to learn about how the profession looks on other campuses.

A few things I learned about LAUC divisions at other campuses:

Some LAUC Chapters meet less often
Some LAUC Chapters have executive meetings with the UL
Some LAUC Chapters have representatives on library management groups (such as LOPAC)
Some LAUC Chapters have even greater involvement in the hiring process, some have less

It is also an opportunity to hear from Myron Okada, Director of Academic Advancement for UC, about systemwide issues and initiatives that may ultimately have bearing on all of us. This year there was a lot of discussion about whether we would soon need to begin paying into the retirement fund (no, not yet) whether UC would intitute early retirement programs (no, not yet) and the announcement that we may soon have a fee waiver for dependents of UC employees.

Thank you very much for your confidence in me this year and for all of the wonderful work that was done.


Michele Potter