Chair Annual Report 2001-2002

Events overtook us this year and LAUC-R spent much of its energy in response.

First, the University Librarian announced his retirement as of the end of 2001. That necessitated a search for both an interim and a permanent successor. I, as Chair, was invited by EVC Warren and AEVC Yates to discuss candidates for the interim position, which I did.

Second, a search began for a new UL. I availed myself of the services of the Visibility Committee, which led the effort to craft documents reflecting LAUC-R�s sense of the future of the UCR library. These documents were the result of discussions among the members of the Visibility Committee, as well as among the membership as a whole. Perhaps the single event of the year of which I am most proud is the joint LSA/LAUC-R meeting during which all points of view were aired. It is my wish that a library-wide meeting might become an annual event, since, in my opinion, this year�s joint meeting was extremely productive in terms of ideas generated as well as library-wide good will and morale.

Two members of LAUC-R also served on the UL search committee, and reported regularly to the membership. This too was valuable, as it gave the membership a chance to see how the library was viewed by other campus entities.

Another event to which LAUC-R responded was the University�s decision, which was implemented by UCR Library Administration, to create two versions of certain review documents, one for represented and one for unrepresented librarians. This was done by fiat, contra LAUC-R�s wishes, which were ignored.

Since this issue may continue to vex us, I would like to include here the relevant text of an email (22 August 2002) from Kuei Chiu, Chair of the Professional Governance Committee, sent me. �The Professional Governance Committee thoroughly revised PAM 2.1 and 2.2 to fully comply with the changes of APM. In addition to the revisions, which reflect the changes of APM, the Committee had numerous re-readings of the documents to make sure that all there are no grammatical errors and that their format and contents are consistent electronically. The revised PAMs were approved by the LAUC membership in Nov. 2002. However, they were changed again by Library’s AUL for Personnel against the will of the LAUC membership to include references to the MOU even though the wording is the identical and the same peer review process applies to both represented and non-represented librarians. Thus, this issue is pending.� (NOTE: Appended please find Venita Jorgensen�s email of 20 February 2002 on this topic)

A third event was more global, though the effect was perhaps indirect. LAUC-R responded to one of the aftereffects of 11 September (the so-called �Patriot Act�) with a program discussing the chilling and repressive effect of this act on libraries and their patrons. This program is worth mentioning here because it was co-sponsored by the UCR 9/11 Committee whose director is Gary Dymski. I hope that this type of �inter-agency� cooperation might also become a precedent, like the LSA/LAUC-R meeting, not only because the event was a success, but perhaps more importantly because it ties the library into a wider network; this can only redound to the library�s benefit.

Finally, mention should be made of the dedication of the Lang Memorial Garden, adjacent to the Rivera Library. The garden is named for the late Robert and Elizabeth Lang, both UCR fixtures for many years. Robert Lang, a one-time Assistant University Librarian, continued to serve the library in his retirement in Special Collections; he also worked at the Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research. LAUC-R and Library Administration sponsored the dedication. Library Administration sponsored a plaque, which hangs outside the garden and a LAUC-R committee organized the event. Jim Thompson offered the dedication of the garden. Henry Snyder, Allan Crosthwaite and I spoke about the Langs. A book by Stephen Crane was purchased by the CBSR and the library in honor of the Langs and given to the library.
John Bloomberg-Rissman