Committee Annual Report 1999-2000

Committee on Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction and Elections (J. Griffing for D. Vierich): Activity highlights include discussions which will result in the following bylaw amendments: (a) a provision will be made for a LAUC Parliamentarian; (b) the Committee on Cultural Diversity will now be called the Committee on Diversity (however, the words �cultural diversity� will remain in the body of the bylaws); (c) the Professional Governance Committee will have the standing charges of maintaining the LAUC Manual on the web or in electronic format and of reviewing the peer review materials on the web site biennially in order to ensure that they are up to date.Additionally, one of the charges was to get campus responses on standing vs. ad hoc committees.The opinions of the campuses were divided, but Patsy indicated that she would be discussing them with the Executive Board on May 31.Locally, the committee met in order to select the CACLS slate and to count the returned ballots.It will meet during the summer to work on the wording for a change in the bylaws wherein CACLS members must be members of the Librarian series only and that the AULs should neither be on the slate nor able to vote for them.
Committee on Cultural Diversity (R. Chabran): A Town Hall meeting was held on June 16, 2000 on the topic: �Bridging the Digital Divide in our Communities.� The Office of California Assemblyman Rod Pacheco, the UCR Center for Virtual Research, LAUC-R, the UCR Community Digital Initiative (CDI), and others, sponsored it. There was broad participation–about 60-70 people from both the campus and public and private sectors of the local community.Its purpose was to reveal how different groups/sectors define digital divide and to show its impact on the community and the university. Over 20 speakers represented the many different sectors, such as government, the university and public schools, libraries, advocacy groups, and businesses, in order to explain their current and future programs to the participants. Chancellor Orbach and John Tanno were among those who welcomed the participants, and different speakers from UCR provided economics� and arts� perspectives. Clara Chu of UCLA spoke on information literacy. The Director of the Inland Empire Economic Database and Forecasting Center at UCR presented a local economic forecast–which is, while the California economy is pretty good, the Inland Empire economy is not high-tech nor is it drawing venture capital. It was sobering hearing about the Inland Empire�s lack of growth. What percentage of students come to UCR from Inland Empire and from other parts of the state. It does not seem like there are enough from the local region. An in-depth look at local education is needed.The Superintendent of the Riverside School District gave a passionate response to the economic forecaster�s statistics and conclusions. Educational institutions need to do a lot better, and the role of schools and universities will be key.However, it did not address what we as librarians have to do, and so, given this context, we will need to regroup in order to determine what this means for librarians at UCR. Do librarians want to be involved in campus outreach? The Town Hall meeting will be televised on the June 19th and 20th on Charter Communications, and Richard wants to look at it in depth. Tapes will be made available, and he will turn them over to LAUC-R.

Committee on Library Plans and Policies (Lizbeth L.): The Chair did not give the local committee a specific charge at the beginning of the academic year, nor did any issues relevant to the Committee arise during the year.The local committee did not meet.The Systemwide charges included the issues of the future inadequacies of space in UC libraries and investigating UC libraries existing initiatives for the preservation of digital material.The specific charges and discussions are on the web at the beginning of 2000, SOPAG created a Digital Preservation and Archiving Committee to deal with the same issue.It is unclear what relationship or input the LAUC-LPP committee might have although there is a LAUC representative on the SOPAG committee.Additionally, Chair Roy Tennant resigned, as he has taken a job with the CDL.

Committee on Personnel (Michele P.): The committee has gone over three different position postings over the course of the year.Some descriptions needed substantial changes, others were OK.Our suggestions were incorporated into the position descriptions, so we are pleased with our impact.

Committee on Professional Development(Ruben U.):  For the fiscal year corresponding to July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000, we had an initial allocation of $14,800.00.  This quantity was equally divided among 26 professional librarians working at UCR in this period, therefore, we had an initial allocation CAP of $570.00.  However, due to fluctuations in attending congresses and meetings, the Committee on Professional Development worked with an average allocation of $700.00 for each professional librarian.  Up to June 20, 2000, a total of $10,188.60 was expended, leaving a balance of $4,611.40.  Unfortunately, this remainder can be attributed to last minute cancellations by some librarians’ who could not attend their planned meetings for one reason or another.  However, since two ALA Annual Conferences will occur in the same fiscal year, this residue should help fund more librarians in their endeavors to attend one or more of these congresses.

Table 1 gives a picture of the number of events (Congresses, research travels, courses, etc.) attended by LAUC-R librarians using Professional Development Funds.  The mode was six events attended, but the average was to be present in at least three events.  Almost 25% of LAUC-R librarians did not participate in any event.

Table 1:  Number of Librarians attending Professional events

 No. of Meetings    No. of  Librarians   %
  0   6   23.2
  1   6   23.2
  2   3   11.5
  3   3   11.5
  4   2     7.7
  5   3   11.5
  6   1     3.8
  7   1     3.8
11   1     3.8
Total 26 100.0

Table 2 shows the movement of LAUC-R librarians by state or country.  83.6% of the events attended were at the local level (somewhere in the State of California), 12% were at the national level (somewhere in the U.S.), and only 4.5% were at the international level (somewhere outside the U.S.).

Table 2:  UCR’s Librarian movement

State/Country No. of attendance   %
California 56 83.6
Texas   5   7.5
New York   2   3.0
Montana   1   1.5
Germany   1   1.5
Belgium   1   1.5
Costa Rica   1   1.5
Total 67 100.0

It seems reasonable to point out that for a small community of librarians, these figures are also reasonable.  LAUC-R librarians were present in important congresses such as CARL Conferences, ALA Congresses, and International meetings.  However, in the future, it might be advisable for LAUC-R librarians to broaden their participation in events outside the state as well as in the international arena.

Committee on Professional Governance (Kuei C.)

Committee on Programs (P. Bliss/Richard C.): See Committee on Cultural Diversity report by Richard C.

Committee on Research (Nancy G.): The committee proposed the establishment of the Patricia Paine Flowers Memorial Grant to be awarded each year to a first-time applicant for LAUC-R Career Development funds.  LAUC-R membership enthusiastically supported the idea and the grant was inaugurated at the dedication of the memorial benches on December 8,1999.  There were no first-time proposals submitted this year, so this grant was not awarded. The committee considered and made recommendations on the funding of research grants at the Riverside division as well as the systemwide levels. At the divisional level the allocation for local mini-grants was $2,000.00. The committee considered and recommended funding  three applications as follows:
1. Lizbeth Langston ($330.00) in support of her collaboration with dance historian Angene Feves to complete the manuscript Instruction pour Danser les Danses.
2. Judy Lee ($200.00) in support of her poster session “Making a Positive Impression with What You Have” which describes the library’s involvement with the first-year experience courses HMSS 01 and HMSS 02.  This session was prepared for the LOEX of the West 2000 Conference, June 7-10, 2000 in Bozeman, Montana**
3. Ruben Urbizagastegui ($1,500.00) in support of his research for Author’s Productivity in Bibliometrics, a test of the application of Lotka’s Law to the literature of bibliometrics
(**Judy was unable to participate in the LOEX-West 2000 Conference and declined her award.)
The committee reviewed and made recommendations to the systemwide committee on six grant proposals; three were submitted on the first call; three on the second.  Proposals were submitted from the following divisions: Berkeley (3), Los Angeles (1), Santa Cruz (1), Davis (1).  Two proposals were withdrawn before recommendations were made.  The remaining four proposals were recommended to the Office of the President for funding.  The Systemwide fund for 1999/2000 was $30,810.00.Copies of successful proposals, both local and systemwide, are available in the local committee chair’s office.

Ad hoc committee on the Arrowhead Symposium (Nancy K.):
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