Committee Annual Report 2000-2001

Committee on Research

The committee considered and made recommendations on the funding of research grants at the Riverside divisional as well as the systemwide levels.

The allocation for local mini-grants was $3,200. The committee received, considered, and recommended funding for one grant proposal as follows:

Nancy Douglas ($1,100.00) � for the purpose of attending the 2001 Nortel Palm Springs International Film Festival, January 11-21, 2001 in continuing support of her “Making the History” filmography project.

The remaining allocated funds reverted to the Professional Development fund.

The committee reviewed and made recommendations to the systemwide committee on six grant proposals. The first call resulted in five proposals, the second call resulted in one additional proposal. Five proposals were recommended for funding.

2000/2001 Funds
Total available for funding: $30,810 ($21,810 for unit members, $9,000 for non-unit members)
Total requested for funding: $41,868.50
Total recommended and approved for funding: $30,769.

Copies of successful proposals, both local and systemwide, are available in the local committee chair�s office.

The five successful projects are as follows:

1. Theresa Salazar, “New Mexican Santos and Santeros: an Annotated Bibliography”

Campus: Berkeley
Status: Unit
Requested: $11,545.00
Recommended: $9,265.00

2. Rebecca Aiken, “Southeast Asian Virtual Book Collection”

Campus: UCLA
Status: Unit
Requested: $5,000.00
Recommended: $4,000.00

3. Paul Naditch, “Library of Classical Scholars”

Campus: UCLA
Status: Unit
Requested: $7,500.00
Recommended: $6,500.00

4. Opritsa Popa, “Unlawful Souvenirs: on Manuscripts Removed from Occupied Germany”

Campus: Davis
Status: Unit
Requested: $1,944.00
Recommended: $1,944.00

5. Elizabeth Byrne & Waverly Lowell, “Centennial History of the UCB Architecture Program”

Campus: Berkeley
Status: Byrne, non-unit / Lowell, unit
Requested: $12,560.00
Recommended: $9,060.00

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Getty
26 September 2001