Professional Development Funds -2016

Guidelines on Funding

The current system of allocating professional development funds is to divide the money evenly among eligible librarians. The money may be spent on professional travel and activities at the discretion of the individual librarian.


Represented librarians

  • Total amount of funds: $—-.– ($—- set aside for LAUC-R Career Development Funds)
  • Annual allocation per librarian: $1,500.00

Non-represented librarians

  • Total amount of funds:$—-.– ($– set aside for LAUC-R Career Development Funds)
  • Annual allocation per librarian: $1,500.00

Multi-year funding of travel:

Under special circumstances, a librarian may use funds from 2 years allocation to cover the costs involved in 1 conference.

Example: Year 1: The registration deadline for a conference is before July. The librarian may use funds from year 1 to have the library pre-pay for registration only.
Year 2: The librarian may use these funds to pay for the remainder of the conference expenses.

May 14 is the deadline for professional development funding requests to be submitted. If by May 15 there are any unclaimed funds, the Chair of the Research and Professional Development Committee will issue a call for supplementary funding requests. From May 15 through Memorial Day, LAUC-R members will be able to resubmit any unfunded amounts remaining on travel and professional development requests for consideration of additional funding. Any unused LAUC-R R&PD funds will be divided equally among those librarians who resubmit requests, and submittals will also be considered for firm commitments for travel requests in the next academic year, with pre-registration completed if possible.

Any additional funds applied to travel or activities during the current fiscal year should have already included the original receipts with the reimbursement forms, if not, the receipts must be attached to the resubmission.

Example: The traveler submits the original receipts for $1,200 for airfare and hotel, but because of the cap, is reimbursed only $1,000. If there are unclaimed funds by May 15, the traveler may resubmit a travel request with “Addendum” clearly marked on the travel request. The traveler must state that they have already given the original receipts in a previous travel request and that they are requesting further funding. Please give a full and complete explanation.

Note: Because the LAUC-R calendar runs from September to August, if a librarian is traveling in July or August and wants their travel to be taken out of the current fiscal year, they must notify the Library Administrative Services and the Committee on Research & Professional Development.

If the librarian does not specify that travel in July and August is to be taken out of the current fiscal year funds, it will automatically be taken out of the next fiscal year’s funding.

In the event that there are unclaimed funds remaining after the second call is made, the Chair of LAUC-R will put forward a request to the University Librarian to carry over the funds to the next year. This decision is entirely at the discretion of the University Librarian.


Document Revised 5/17/2016
Committee on Research and Professional Development
Julie Mason, Chair