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Web Developer and User Experience Designer

Roster 2015-2016

Executive Board

Chair: Carla Arbagey
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Julie Mason
Secretary: Kat Koziar
Delegate: Tiffany Moxham
Alternate Delegate: Anthony Sanchez (- Jan. 2016); Manuel Urrizola (Feb. 2016-)
Past Chair: Rhonda Neugebauer

Representatives to LAUC systemwide committees:
Melissa Cardenas-Dow (Diversity)
Julie Mason (Research and Professional Development)
Michael Yonezawa (Professional Governance)

Committee on Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction, and Elections:
Chair: Sharon Scott [2nd year]
Ken Furuta [1st year]
Rhonda Neugebauer [1st year]
Michael Yonezawa [alternate]

Committee on Diversity
Chair and systemwide representative: Melissa Cardenas-Dow [1st year]
Patricia Smith-Hunt [2nd year]
Denise Kane [1st year]
Stephanie Milner [1st year]

Committee on Personnel:
Chair: Julie Mason [1st year]
Michael Yonezawa [2nd year]
Robin Katz [1st year]
Denise Kane [1st year]
Alexandra Dolan-Mescal [Guest 1st year]

Committee on Research & Professional Development:
Chair and systemwide representative: Julie Mason [2nd year]
Kat Koziar [1st year]
Yoko Kudo [1st year]
Melissa Cardenas-Dow [1st year]

Committee on Professional Governance:
Chair and systemwide representative: Michael Yonezawa [1st year]
Ken Furuta [2nd year]
Sharon Scott [1st year]
Denise Kane [1st year]
Tiffany Moxham [1st year]

Committee on Programs:
Chair: Rhonda Neugebauer [1st year]
Anthony Sanchez [2nd year]
Denise Kane [1st year]
Judy Lee [1st year]
Ying Shen [1st year]

Committee on Mentoring:
Chair: Krista Ivy [1st year]
Anthony Sanchez [2nd year]
Julie Mason [1st year]

Academic Senate:
Academic Senate Committee on Courses: Tiffany Moxham [1st year]
Academic Senate Committee on Library & Scholarly Communication: Anthony Sanchez [1st year]

Chair: Patricia Smith-Hunt
Christina Cicchetti
Marie Bronoel
Krista Ivy [1st alternate]
Ying Shen [2nd alternate]

Parliamentarian: Vacant (Kat Koziar [alternate])

Webmaster: Yoko Kudo

Membership Meeting: June 9, 2015

OSL 240

Members Present: Sharon K Scott, Krista Ivy, David Rios, Carla Arbagey, Steve Mandeville-Gamble, Alison Scott, Diane Bisom, Kat Koziar, Denise Kane, Melissa Cardenas-Dow, Anthony Sanchez, Ann Frenkel, Rhonda Neugebauer, Judy Lee, Patricia Smith Hunt, Kuei Chiu, Marie Bronoel, Julie Mason, Michele Potter, Tiffany Moxham

  1. Welcome, announcements, recaps, accomplishments: RN – June 10th Webinar for UCLAS sent out via email. SKS – made announcements on recent LAUC-R exec board and CACLS members.
  2. LAUC-R Current Pending Items

A. RN – Interviews underway for the Klein Science Fiction librarian. AScott – Thanks membership for participation in the presentations, feedback, and meetings. RN – Asks if anyone has ideas for LAUC-R sessions for interviews. AS – Suggests using the summary found on the LAUC-R website instead of a printout of the new candidacy website. SMG – Suggests using a person as a resource for follow up questions from the candidate in addition to the LAUC-R website summary document. AF – Recommends handing out a document for CACLS related information, as well as anything related to the peer review process. Suggests more time for academic research interests and professional experiences rather than information on the peer review process. CA – Suggests formalizing the meeting with a more structured agenda and what LAUC-R’s goals are in this meeting. PSM – Mentions possibility in the past of attaching CACLS/Peer Review process to the job description. Also brings up issue of giving questions to the candidates, and agrees with a restructuring. DB – Suggests sending links to the LAUC-R documents in email. AF – Mentions that they are included. DR – Mentions that the HR person would most likely do make any amendments to new candidate website. RN – Would like to nail down the goals of the meeting. Suggests that Carla takes on restructuring process as part of taking on the Chairship. CA – Agrees.

B. Update to review process via VPAP Dr. Amae Walker: SMG – Library Admin has submitted a set of revisions to the call, and the VPAP’s office has begun looking them over. Has also revised document based on LAUC-R recommendations. VPAP’s office has all documents, timeline is unknown currently, but should be finalized by early June or July. MP – The process has been enjoyable and the VPAP’s office has been responsive. CA – Noted concern for reciprocal viewing of documents from administration and confirmed that it was asked for in letter to VPAP.

  1. Reports from LAUC-R Officers

A. RN – Budget

B. AS – May minutes were sent out before meeting today, please send revisions.

C. CA – Personnel job ads reviewed. Webinar on staff morale was successful.

D. Discussion and Decision about Representatives: RN – Ideas for assessment of the pilot project? Initial pilot was for 2 years. CA – First year was formative, second year more successful. AF – Question regarding the institutionalized nature of the appointments. Seems to be dependent on a receptive chair. MP – Does depend on the chair’s interpretation of “guest” as a part of the faculty senate committees. The pilot was started to feel out these concerns. SMG – Receives letter asking for representatives from LAUC-R. Believes Michael Yonezawa was invited to more meetings than the prior year, mostly likely to his familiarity amongst the academic senate. Academic Senate does not reach out to admin for agenda items, unlike other campus entities that may have more roles aligned with the academic senate activities. KK – How long are the senator’s terms? SMG – Depends on a year or more, the chair is on a 2 year cycle, while vice chair is on a year cycle, while members cycle in and out mostly on a yearly basis. Parliamentarian is also a 2 year appointment. MB – Likes the idea of the library guest being there for 2 years in order to become familiar with faculty. JL – Agrees with Marie that is necessary to be on a committee for at least 2 years to build relationships amongst faculty. CA – Mentions a lack of utility of serving on the committee on courses. Does not want to recommend losing our influence, but would like to assess the basis for serving on this committee. MP – Mentions the usefulness of having a line of information on new courses and being able to be ahead of the course for any needed resources. AF – Suggests someone from collection development being on the committee on courses. Brings up the issue of online courses. SMG – Might suggest a debriefing for the recent cluster hires. SKS – Suggests that LAUC-R executive board take it up. RN – Will refer to exec board to refine the issue. MP – When do we get the letter from the senate asking for reps? SMG – After summer was over, around September. MP – Once concern is that their terms might be different from LAUC’s. Should work to get ahead of their letter asking for reps. SMG – Coming this fall Takashita will be chair and is willing to meet over the summer to plan for upcoming academic year. MP – Right now might be advisable to get the appointments. CA – Will send out committee preferences earlier this year. SMG – Cindy Palmer, chief executive officer for day to day operations has ended her tenure and is moving on from UCR.

  1. Committee Chair Reports and Updates

A. Upcoming Programs: AS – Upcoming virtual brown bag lunch with Carlos Rodriguez to discuss learning spaces and student staffing. SMG – Grand Valley State University is also hosting a conference on these very same issues, will look into funding library representatives to attend. Recommends sending half page note by week’s end for wanting to attend conference. AF – Send out description of GVSU conference to LAUC-R membership. SMG – Suggests road trips to tour library facilities and garner ideas for library spaces. MB – Suggests touring of Loma Linda Library.

B. SKS – System bylaws are changing so the committee on committees will most likely be working on those in the future year.

C. Research and Development: JM – was able to refund all submittals through LAUC-R. Receipts needed for Sherri as soon as possible. Has changes on system-wide committee for grants if anyone is interested.

D. Diversity: CA – Micro-aggressions webinar was successful. Would like to have a book club start over the summer. System-wide committee is looking to track LAUC through the ages, most demographics reports are unavailable. Numbers are dwindling and records show through UCOP that we are at the lowest since record keeping. SMG – provost office has sent out information on their commitment to hiring practices regarding diversity. DR – Language will be added to relay a strong commitment to diversity on behalf of candidates. DB – Reads paragraphs on UCR’s commitment to hiring diverse candidates, and to diversity overall.

E. Committee on Professional Governance: JL – Nothing to report.

F. LAUC-R Website Update: Yoko Kudo not present. RN – working with Alexandra to transition the contents. CA – System-wide update will be upcoming.

  1. 2015 LAUC-R Elections: Election results sent out.
  2. 2015 LAUC System-wide Ballots: Sent out.
  3. Additional LAUC System-wide Activities
    A. Carla will spearhead UCLAS changes.
  1. New Campus Cluster Hires:

A. SMG – New lines being created. Received over 100 proposals. Provost has approved 130 positions. At least 8 faculty members will be hired within the Mexican diaspora. New faculty has been spread out evenly among the colleges. Meetings will be forthcoming for roll out of hiring. Might expect faculty to arrive by winter. There has been a campus wide space study in order to accommodate the new faculty hires. Spaces within the library might become homes for faculty or programs that resonate with the mission of the library. Librarian positions may be present in the next cluster of new hires. JL – Would like to see allocations for collections. AScott – Has been tasked to make strategic budget requests in order to target certain programs or necessary resources. SMG – The campus has completely revised the budget process. Revisions may include negotiations with the colleges and schools aligned with the library to determine budget allocations. KI – When is the new budget expected to take hold? SMG – This year has been determined as a hold harmless year, in order to assess impacts, and by the end of June 2016 the new budget process will go live. Colleges and schools are being tasked to be more creative about fund raising. DB – Many budget systems are moving to new IT systems as well.


Meeting Adjourned 3:10pm

Membership Meeting: May 12, 2015

Rivera 140

Members Present: Rhonda Neugebauer, Carla Arbagey, Anthony Sanchez, Sharon Scott, Kuei Chiu, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Eric Milenkiewicz, Manuel Urrizola, Stephanie Milner, Christina Cicchetti, Michael Yonezawa, Judy Lee, Marie Bronoel, Julie Mason, Ying Shen, Michele Potter, Tiffany Moxham

  1. Welcomes, announcements, recaps: CA – Room 240 will feature an hourly charge of $20 per hour starting July 1st. MU – Gwido Zlatkes will retire as of July 1st. SM – May the 4th event was a success, with almost 300 people attend. Surveys and raffles were also well received by attendants. EM – Turn out exceeded expectations and confirmed interest in Eaton collection and pop culture. Students would like a comic book artist or sci-fi writer would be recommended. KC – Recommends library or LAUC-R funding for future iterations of May the 4th PSM – exhibits committee discussed the event and future pocket of funds for similar events. JL – Would LAUC-R funds kickstart all events? Concerns regarding the sustainability of funding all events, and recommends the library fund these types of programs. MU – Petko ceremony will be held this Thursday 3-4:30. JL – Judy Yung presentation and lectures was successful tying into faculty research and teaching curriculum. Thanks LAUC-R for support of the program. Community members, faculty, and students all had positive reactions to Judy Yung’s talks. MY – Suggests to chair a reception, recognition, or gift from LAUC-R to retiring members. RN – Digital Zombies, and interactive library assignment, as put on by Juliette Levy, a history faculty member was presented to the library last Friday. CA – a new library newsletter will be put out by the administration, still encourages people to submit to the staff newsletter.
  2. LAUC-R Pending and other requests: LAUC-R is invited to have sessions for the four candidate interviews for the Science Fiction Librarian. CA – Suggests having a session devoted to explaining the benefits of LAUC. PSM – Suggests providing a packet on information regarding LAUC and CACLS. SKS – Likes Carla’s suggestion, most questions asked are covered by other sessions and the review process should be explained in detail to candidates. JM – Motion to create a blog entry for candidates to welcome and give them information regarding the review process. CA – Amendment to motion to have the Committee on Personnel take this on. MY – motion is not required for this action, instead a charge can be given to Committee on Personnel, and then voted upon.
  3. Workflow of Review Process: MP – Committee of CACLS and LAUC members to present suggestions for the review process. MP – suggests a PowerPoint of the review process and procedures would be helpful. MP – Commentary for VPAP Walker needed by tomorrow. MB – The document should come from LAUC, as the delegate represented most of LAUC members. RN – members should meet tomorrow to finalize document.
  4. LAUC Assembly: RN – Information included on the packet.
  5. Committee on Elections: Nominations have been announced.
  6. Minutes from April 14th: No discussion, CA – Motion to approve, SS – 2nd. Motion approved.

Meeting adjourned 5/12

Membership Meeting: Apr. 14, 2015

Orbach 240

Present: Rhonda Neugebauer, Carla Arbagey, Patricia Smith Hunt, Michael Yonezawa, Alexandra Dolan-Mescal, Guido Zlatkes, Sharon Scott, Anthony Sanchez, Stephen Mitchell, Julie Mason, Kat Koziar, Ying Shen, Marie Bronoel, Christina Cicchetti, Michele Potter, Tiffany Moxham, Manuel Urrizola,

  1. Welcome, Announcements: CA – Newsletter has been issued today. SM – R’Courses have been successful on campus, with many offerings. SM has been instrumental in bringing the program to UCR and providing support. MY – US News has deemed UC online courses a failure, was discussed in an article talking about MOOCS. MY – Updates to APM changes with respect to review will be discussed this coming Thursday.
  2. LAUC-R Pending Requests: RN – LAUC-R asked for more time with candidates, denied by leadership team. RN – Review process proposed changes. Reps from LAUC/CACLS met with VPAP Walker.

Preparation for the LAUC assemblies and LAUC Systemwide Discussions: RN – Van pool will leave Friday. CC – Special assemblies held last week on the by-laws regarding membership. CA – will hold an afternoon panel at the LAUC assemblies on reorganization

Webinar Recordings

LAUC-R Funds a number of Webinars on an annual basis, either through the Programs Committee or through individual Prefessional Development Money.  If you do purchase access to a webinar, consider paying the group rate and inviting colleagues.  If you would rather not spend the extra money from your allocation, feel free to contact LAUC-R Programs or the LAUC-R Chair.  When you receive the links for the archive, please let the LAUC Webmaster know.

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