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Brown Bag Professional Series : From Zero to Makerspace, Friday, October 27

On Friday, October 27 from 12:10 to 1:00 pm in Rivera 403, Kat Koziar and Michele Potter will give us a preview of their presentation for the upcoming CLA conference. Their talk is titled “From Zero to Makerspace: The UC Riverside Creat’R Lab Story.”

Michele and Kat will discuss the challenges and successes experienced while envisioning and bringing to fruition our user-centered and driven makerspace. These include funding challenges, identifying and fostering (sometimes unlikely) partnerships, the nitty-gritty logistics, and how they focused on user needs when building our services.

Call for proposals: UC-wide research grants

LAUC offers members two opportunities to apply for grants. Research, mini and presentation grant applications will be taken in fall 2017, for which monies will be made available by January 2018; and in winter 2018, applications for presentation grants will be taken for funds awarded in March 2018. The detailed calendar below indicates dates for submission and evaluation of proposals.

Guidelines for LAUC grants are listed at

There are a few restrictions that apply to the grant awarding process. Any applicant who has not submitted the required end of funding (EOF) report for a previous LAUC grant shall be disqualified from consideration for a new grant. The annual pool of viable applications varies in number, type of grant, and amount of support requested, exceeding the amount of available funding. In such instances, the LAUC Research and Professional Development Committee retains flexibility in the distribution of awards.

The “Research and Professional Development Committee” page on the LAUC website features many helpful documents:

Please note that one paper copy (with required signatures) AND an email copy of your proposal must be submitted to the Chair of your divisional research committee by October 15, 2017. Funding for projects approved by LAUC R&PD will be available at the end of March 2018.

LAUC Research and Professional Development Calendar

By Date Action Who
Sept. 1, 2017 First call for proposals for Research Grants, Mini Grants, and Presentation Grants distributed LAUC R&PD Chair
Oct. 18, 2017 Proposals due to divisional research committees Grant Applicants
Nov. 4, 2017 Divisional research committees forward applications to R&PD. Divisional Committees


Jan. 13, 2018 R&PD awards grants from first call LAUC R&PD Committee
Jan. 20, 2018 R&PD issues second call for Presentation Grants that have taken place or will take place during the fiscal year of application. LAUC R&PD Committee
Feb. 17, 2018 Proposals due to divisional research committees Grant Applicants
March 3, 2018 Divisional research committees forward applications to R&PD Divisional Committees
March 17, 2018 R&PD awards grants from second call LAUC R&PD Committee
April 14, 2018 R&PD requests status reports from recipients of all in-progress research grants and prepares final report for LAUC Executive Board and UCOP LAUC R&PD Committee
June 12, 2018 R&PD final report sent to UCOP LAUC R&PD Committee

Roster 2017-2018

Executive Board

Chair: David Rios
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Kent LaCombe
Secretary: Janet Reyes
Delegate: Michele Potter
Alternate Delegate: Christina Cicchetti
Past Chair: Kat Koziar

Parliamentarian: Michael Yonezawa
Alternate Parliamentarian:

Representatives to LAUC Systemwide Committees
Diversity: Kent LaCombe
Research and Professional Development: Dani Cook
Professional Governance: Cherry Williams

Committee on Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction, and Elections
Chair: Kat Koziar (1st year)
Carla Arbagey (1st year)
Jessica Geiser (2nd year)

Committee on Diversity
Chair: Kent LaCombe (2nd year)
JJ Jacobson (2nd year)
Judy Lee (2nd year)
Zayda Delgado (2nd year)

Committee on Personnel
Chair: Kent LaCombe (1st year)
Michael Yonezawa (2nd year)
Jessica Geiser (2nd year)
Robin Katz (2nd year)

Committee on Research & Professional Development
Chair: Dani Cook (2nd year)
Cherry Williams (2nd year)
Swati Bhattacharyya (2nd year)
Kat Koziar (1st year)

Committee on Professional Governance
Chair: Cherry Williams (2nd year)
Tiffany Moxham (1st year)

Committee on Programs
Chair: Janet Reyes (2nd year)
Noah Geraci (2nd year)
Judy Lee (1st year)
Michele Potter (1st year)
Rhonda Neugebauer (1st year)

Committee on Mentoring
Chair: Krista Ivy (1st year)
Rhonda Neugebauer (2nd year)
Patricia Smith-Hunt (2nd year)

Academic Senate:  Representative to

Committee on Courses:
Committee on Library & Scholarly Communication:

Chair: Michael Yonezawa
David Rios
Kat Koziar
Yoko Kudo [1st alternate]
Ken Furuta [2nd alternate]


Membership Meeting: Apr. 10, 2017

Location: Orbach 240

Respectfully submitted by Kent LaCombe

Present: Kat Koziar, Kuei Chiu, Tiffany Moxham, Noah Geraci, Dani Cook, Alison Scott, Yoko Kudo, Swati Bhattacharyya, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Manuel Urrizola, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Eric Milenkiewicz, Carla Arbagey, Cherry Williams, David Rios, Ying Shen, Zayda Delgado, Janet Reyes, Sara Stilley, Judy Lee, Ann Frenkel, Jessica Geiser, Kent LaCombe

  1. Minutes from the 01/26/17 LAUC-R membership meeting were approved as amended
  2. The LAUC systemwide assembly meeting is in April. They are still seeking stories about LAUC and its history.  This is the last day to register to attend the gathering in Irvine.
  3. Committee reports
    Research and Professional Development
    Tiffany reported that everyone should have turned in what they are doing with their professional development funds.  Requests for supplemental funds should be submitted by the 15th of April.  Tiffany received the funding status report and sent out individual balance information as March 30th.  She’s updating the professional development spreadsheet with the relevant data.  Kat, Swati, Dani, Yoko, Cherry and Tiffany will be further updating information by meeting with individuals.  Additional requests can be added through May 20th.  Some members have exceeded their limits while others have not utilized all of their funds.  Finance is tracking expenditures.  Steve suggested that a proposal be created for how best to track allocations and ensure they are utilized fairly.  The only guaranteed money is what is specifically spelled out in the contracts.  Kuei suggested using Google Docs.  Carla will check with other campuses and see whether librarians or budget and finance are tracking individual expenditures.  Steve relayed that some campuses approve different amounts based on the potential professional impact of what they are requesting funds for.
  4. Other business
    Steve is meeting with President Napolitano for their second annual meeting.
    The NRLF’s proposed 50 million dollar expansion was scaled back to 33 million.  The SRLF cannot be expanded due to its location on a fault.  Access to tier 1 shared resources is becoming financially unsustainable for 6 of 10 UC campuses.
    The California Library Association issued a call for proposals this week.  Kat is looking for suggestions.  Cherry and David mentioned to possibility of something related to preservation and/or digital preservation.  What are the advantages of digital in terms of utilizing data? Carla and Noah brought up how we have envisioned doing and exhibits.

Meeting adjourned.


Membership Meeting: Jan. 26, 2017

2:00 pm
Location: Orbach 240

Present: Kat Koziar, Kuei Chiu, Tiffany Moxham, Noah Geraci, Rhonda Neugebauer, Dani Cook, Ken Furuta, Alison Scott, Yoko Kudo, Swati Bhattacharyya, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Manuel Urrizola, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Michael Yonezawa, Eric Milenkiewicz, Robin Katz, Carla Arbagey, David Rios, Kent LaCombe, Ying Shen, Christina Cicchetti, Zayda Delgado, JJ Jacobson, Janet Reyes, Angela Lee, Ann Frenkel

  1. Minutes from the 12/08/16 LAUC-R membership meeting were approved as amended.
  2. Discussed the LAUC exec assembly at UC Irvine. Normally the vice-chair attended, but Judy is attending as an alternate delegate.  Two more delegates are needed.  Kat is willing to carpool.  For the 50th anniversary of LAUC 5 or so highlights are needed.  Are there any scrapbooks or relevant photos that could be utilized?
    Carla mentioned there was a call for posters for the assembly.  Virtual posters are also an option.
  3. Committee reports
    1. Diversity
      Kent reported on the diversity committee’s interest in seeing the libraries incorporate all gender restrooms.  Steve expressed interest but pointed out the serious budgetary constraints the library currently has.  Kent brought up the single stall restroom in Rivera as a possible starting point that would not require renovation.  The committee is also working on putting a speaking panel together – currently have acquired tentative agreements to speak from Associated Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion Miriam Lam and former UCR LAUC-R diversity chair Melissa Cardenas-Dow
    2. Elections – vice-chair elections were held.  Eric was elected vice-chair of LAUC-R.
    3. Programs committee
      • Co-sponsored in November with student groups and academic programs, the visit of author and actress Diana Guerrero – address issues of being forcefully separated from family members who were undocumented (co-sponsored by the UCR Undocumented Student Programs Office)
      • Co-sponsored an ALA webinar with the Diversity Committee on Diversity in Libraries (Oct 2016) and a brown bag with UCR attendees of the National Diversity in Libraries Conference at UCLA in August 2016;
      • Rhonda reported on a number of programs under development by the Committee, including a panel on diversity with AEVC Mariam Lam, a program on Cassini mission, a program for foodies on eating more veggies and fruit (coming in the Spring quarter).
      • The Programs Committee will co-sponsor a panel on diversity with the Diversity Committee – on Monday May 15
      • Possible speaker from the Jet propulsion laboratory will speak about the Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn – on May 9
      • Noah is reviewing climate change data and may proposed a future panel (on hold)
      • February proposed program idea on Black Lives Matter was canceled due to the number of other campus activities around the same time period
    4. Tiffany is going to email information related to the timeline and due dates for submitting professional development funding
      In the 1970s and 80s LAUC-R directed some funds toward individual grants: $1,500 for represented and $500 for non-represented.  Is there any interest in reinstating that system?  Tiffany stated that she preferred the current system.  Eric agreed.  A motion was passed to continue distributing LAUC-R funds evenly between membership and also to revise the website’s information.  Additionally the bylaws will be reviewed to see if they need changed.
    5. Committee on courses
      Tiffany reported that there is a general sense that we are behind on online learning.  She said it would be helpful if a link to the library was added to the iLearn interface.
    6. Carla reported there are systemwide Research and Professional Development grants available. The deadline to apply is March 3rd.  Kat will follow up with an email announcement.
    7. Committee chairs are coming to the next exec meeting. One item of interest is brainstorming possible brownbag topics / times.
    8. Steve reported that he is meeting with the Chancellor and other deans for a structured conversation regarding campus issues.
    9. Other: we need to assure that important announcements go out

      Noah reported on his review of climate change data.  Websites are archived in the CDL internet archive.  Steve will be talking to Günter and John from the California Digital Library.  We currently have an end of term web archive for a number of federal sites at the end of President Obama’s Administration.  The longer our crawlers run on a site, the more complete the backup.

      Steve will be meeting with Mike Pazzani and others to discuss where data might be stored.  One option is a two petabytes server farm.

      Meeting adjourned

Veggies in the Middle, Friday, June 9

On Friday June 9, from 1:00 to 2:30 in Orbach 240, Jolene Redvale will show how including more vegetables in your meals can be fun and satisfying while adding variety, flavor, and healthy nutrition to your plate. Samples will be available for tasting! A handout will highlight UCR Library resources on healthy eating.

Jolene is a Certified Nutrition Consultant with a robust background in education, having served many years as the Education Curator at the San Bernardino County Museum.

Pick up some flavorful, easy, healthy eating tips on the last day of instruction for the Spring Term.

Diversity, Inclusion, and the UCR Library, Monday, May 15

What:                    “Diversity, Inclusion, and the UCR Library”
Panel Presentation and Discussion/Q&A
When:                  Monday, May 15, 2017, 1:00-3:00 pm
Where:                 Rm. 240, Orbach Science Library
Who:                     UCR librarians, library staff, and open to audience members interested in diversity, inclusion, and academic libraries

Diversity and inclusion have been discussed in the academic and library settings for some time.  Our panel of speakers will provide a snapshot of where we are today, in the profession and at the local campus level.  What can UCR librarians contribute to diversity and inclusion?  Let’s have an open dialogue about areas we can impact and actions we could take to enhance our roles in the library and contribute to the academic environment.

Panelists:  Melissa Cardenas-Dow, Social Sciences Librarian at Sacramento State University (formerly UCR) and active in professional library organizations on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion; Mariam Beevi Lam, Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion at UCR; and two panelists from UCR student services centers: Arlene Cano Mutate, Program Coordinator from Chicano Student Programs and UCR alumna, and Nancy Jean Tubbs, Director of the LGBT Resource Center.

Prof Dev Funds Upcoming Deadlines

Deadline reminder: MARCH 30, 2017 is the final day for requesting LAUC-R funded professional development requests for this fiscal year.

NOTE: All LAUC-R funded requests for this fiscal year should either be entered in the Travel App or formally email approved by your supervisor for non-Travel App appropriate requests by March 30, 2017. LAUC-R R&PD committee will then start the process of determining what funds are available for further distribution this year.

Requests for supplemental funding should be completed by April 15, 2017

For more professional development funds and process information, please visit here.  If you have any questions please contact Tiffany Moxham.

Register for the 50th Anniversary of LAUC Now!

Come celebrate LAUC’s 50th Anniversary at the LAUC Assembly at UCI on April 20.  Hotel & Registration deadlines are approaching.  If you need hotel accommodation at the LAUC rate, please register by March 26.  General registration for the Assembly is due by April 10.   Please share your LAUC story and photos on the website at