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Cassini’s Legacy: Saturn’s Secrets Revealed, Tuesday, May 10

Trina’s presentation, Cassini’s Legacy: Saturn’s Secrets Revealed will be on Thursday, May 10, from 4:00 – 5:00 pm in the HUB, Room 269.

If you attended Trina’s talk in Orbach last May, you know what an engaging speaker she is! If you missed it, here’s your chance to experience her humor, knowledge, and behind-the-scenes insights about one of the landmark scientific programs of recent times.

Trina was the Cassini Science Planning and Sequencing Team Deputy. In that capacity, she focused on the exciting end-of-mission planning, which made headlines on September 15, 2017 as the spacecraft disintegrated in Saturn’s atmosphere.

Click here for further information and to register. Refreshments will be served.

Call for Nominations

CCRJE is accepting nominations from the membership for three elected LAUC-R officer positions for the 2018-2019 LAUC year:

  • LAUC-R Chair Elect (three year commitment)
  • LAUC-R Secretary
  • LAUC-R Delegate

Nominations should be submitted to Kat Koziar by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 9th.  Voting will be open May 15th – June 1st, 2018.

Bylaws proposed revisions – opportunity to provide your input

LAUC-R Committee on Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction and Elections (CCRJE) had made proposed updates and revisions to the LAUC-R bylaws. In light of the fact that LAUC-R elections are scheduled to occur in May, this is the optimal time for you to review the proposed changes and add comments or ask questions. The link to the proposed bylaws has been provided through LAUCR listserv. Comments are accepted until April 30.

Librarianship Around the World, Feb. 12

The LAUC-R Programs Committee invites you an international librarianship panel discussion on Monday, February 12, from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm in Rivera 403.

In this event, UCR librarians will draw on their experiences with libraries in the countries or regions with which they are familiar. For these countries, they’ll describe the unique missions and activities of libraries and provide insight into the library profession, how librarianship is practiced, and library development.

The panelists are: Swati Bhattacharyya (India), Kuei Chiu (China), Rhonda Neugebauer (Cuba, Chile, Latin America), David Rios (Mexico), and Patricia Smith-Hunt (Bermuda).

Light refreshments will be provided.

Film screening, Mon. December 11: “1971”

The LAUC-R Programs Committee presents an upcoming film screening, featuring Johanna Hamilton’s 1971. The screening will take place Monday, December 11, 12pm-1:30pm in Orbach 240.

This film tells the little-known story of the Citizen’s Commission to Investigate the FBI, a group of anti-war activists who broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania in 1971, exposing documents that revealed the startling breadth of COINTELPRO surveillance programs. Through interviews and primary sources, the film thoughtfully explores questions of privacy, recordkeeping, social responsibility and civil liberties: topics central to librarianship that remain starkly salient in the present day. For more info, see the film’s website or Kanopy.

Save the Dates – CAPA-L Review Workshops, November 13, 14

Please mark your calendars for one of the following dates/times:

Monday, November 13th from 8:30-10:00 AM, Orbach G35 (space is limited)
Tuesday, November 14th from 2:30-4:00 PM, Rivera 140

All members and those involved in the academic librarian review process should try and attend one of the workshops. Especially those who are new to our Library and will be participating in this year’s review cycle. Even those who are not up for review in 2017-2018 might find the workshop informative.

The CALL will be distributed once it is approved by LHR, CAPA-L, and the VPAP.

Brown Bag Professional Series : From Zero to Makerspace, Friday, October 27

On Friday, October 27 from 12:10 to 1:00 pm in Rivera 403, Kat Koziar and Michele Potter will give us a preview of their presentation for the upcoming CLA conference. Their talk is titled “From Zero to Makerspace: The UC Riverside Creat’R Lab Story.”

Michele and Kat will discuss the challenges and successes experienced while envisioning and bringing to fruition our user-centered and driven makerspace. These include funding challenges, identifying and fostering (sometimes unlikely) partnerships, the nitty-gritty logistics, and how they focused on user needs when building our services.

Call for proposals: UC-wide research grants

LAUC offers members two opportunities to apply for grants. Research, mini and presentation grant applications will be taken in fall 2017, for which monies will be made available by January 2018; and in winter 2018, applications for presentation grants will be taken for funds awarded in March 2018. The detailed calendar below indicates dates for submission and evaluation of proposals.

Guidelines for LAUC grants are listed at

There are a few restrictions that apply to the grant awarding process. Any applicant who has not submitted the required end of funding (EOF) report for a previous LAUC grant shall be disqualified from consideration for a new grant. The annual pool of viable applications varies in number, type of grant, and amount of support requested, exceeding the amount of available funding. In such instances, the LAUC Research and Professional Development Committee retains flexibility in the distribution of awards.

The “Research and Professional Development Committee” page on the LAUC website features many helpful documents:

Please note that one paper copy (with required signatures) AND an email copy of your proposal must be submitted to the Chair of your divisional research committee by October 15, 2017. Funding for projects approved by LAUC R&PD will be available at the end of March 2018.

LAUC Research and Professional Development Calendar

By Date Action Who
Sept. 1, 2017 First call for proposals for Research Grants, Mini Grants, and Presentation Grants distributed LAUC R&PD Chair
Oct. 18, 2017 Proposals due to divisional research committees Grant Applicants
Nov. 4, 2017 Divisional research committees forward applications to R&PD. Divisional Committees


Jan. 13, 2018 R&PD awards grants from first call LAUC R&PD Committee
Jan. 20, 2018 R&PD issues second call for Presentation Grants that have taken place or will take place during the fiscal year of application. LAUC R&PD Committee
Feb. 17, 2018 Proposals due to divisional research committees Grant Applicants
March 3, 2018 Divisional research committees forward applications to R&PD Divisional Committees
March 17, 2018 R&PD awards grants from second call LAUC R&PD Committee
April 14, 2018 R&PD requests status reports from recipients of all in-progress research grants and prepares final report for LAUC Executive Board and UCOP LAUC R&PD Committee
June 12, 2018 R&PD final report sent to UCOP LAUC R&PD Committee

Veggies in the Middle, Friday, June 9

On Friday June 9, from 1:00 to 2:30 in Orbach 240, Jolene Redvale will show how including more vegetables in your meals can be fun and satisfying while adding variety, flavor, and healthy nutrition to your plate. Samples will be available for tasting! A handout will highlight UCR Library resources on healthy eating.

Jolene is a Certified Nutrition Consultant with a robust background in education, having served many years as the Education Curator at the San Bernardino County Museum.

Pick up some flavorful, easy, healthy eating tips on the last day of instruction for the Spring Term.