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Membership Meeting: Jan. 12, 2016

2:00-3:10 pm
Location: Rivera 403

Members Present:  Carla Arbagey (Chair), Kat Koziar (Secretary), Kuei Chiu, Christina Cicchetti, Ann Frenkel, Ken Furuta, Krista Ivy, Denise Kane, Angela Lee, Judy Lee, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Julie Mason, Eric Milenkiewicz, Tiffany Moxham, Rhonda Neugebauer, David Rios, Anthony Sanchez, Alison Scott, Sharon Scott, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Manuel Urrizola, Michael Yonezawa, Virginia Schilling (Guest).

Meeting called to order by Carla Arbagey.

  1. Systemwide report
    Carla Reporting.

    1. In the new UCLAS structure, the groups Shared Content Leadership Group (SCLG) and Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC) will have a LAUC representative included in the group.
    2. Assembly is at UC Merced in late March. Donald Barclay will be presenting on the new UCLAS structure.
    3. Three new system-wide LAUC committees are formed: Archives Taskforce, LAUC Journal Taskforce, and Web Content Committee. (see for all LAUC committees).
    4. There was talk about sharing library strategic plans system-wide.
  1. LAUC Position Papers
    Carla started discussion regarding LAUC position papers, which will be voted upon by LAUC delegates during the Assembly to reaffirm, retire, or replace the below indicated position papers. Michael Yonezawa provided background information: historically and before librarian had a union, LAUC would state a position or provide clarification on issues or topics of concern which impacted librarians systemwide.  There was a question and discussion regarding the goals of the positions papers.  Patricia Smith-Hunt questioned if the position papers haven’t been reviewed in a while, how do we know if they’re implemented?  Alison Scott observed that the position papers were not written to take a position on something, but as technical guidance.  It was agreed by many that any replacements of position papers should be written as a position.  Discussion and/or results of each are indicated below.  If anyone wants to provide further feedback, email to Carla Arbagey, Tiffany Moxham, or new alternate delegate (when appointed), and cc Michael Yonezawa.

    1. Criteria for Appointment, Promotion and Advancement in the Librarian Series (Last revised May 30, 2003).
      1. Suggested action: Retire
    2. Development of Effective Communication between Statewide LAUC and Library Council (Last revised April 1989. Library Council no longer exists).
      Suggested action: Replace, but rewrite so it is more general.
    3. Documentation Guidelines for the Review of Librarians (Last revised June 1990). Suggested action: Retire
    4. Review Procedures for Librarians Outside the Normal Campus Peer Review Process (Established August 31, 1977. No revisions).
      • Discussion: Having a position on this allows us the opportunity to make a statement on the future of librarianship. However, it should be more generic, as an example “If a librarian is employed at two or more UC campuses, a fair and suitable process should be incorporated into the review process to provide meaningful and appropriate feedback.”  Ann Frankel observed that a position paper on this does not need to exist because it is already incorporated into the review process.
      • Suggested action: No clear position. Split between Retire and Replace
  2. Committee reports
    1. Bylaws: Sharon Scott reporting.  First committee meeting is in January 2016.
    2. Personnel Committee: Julie Mason reporting.  Upcoming meeting they will go over four tasks.  Upcoming hires in the library will compose of four librarians and three non-librarians.
    3. Programs Committee: Rhonda Neugebauer reporting. Still evaluating programs.
    4. Diversity Committee: Denise Kane reporting. They are working on a proposal for a group presentation.
    5. Mentoring Committee:
      Krista Ivy reporting.

      • Tallied survey to find out if staff if they are interested in becoming professionals. Sent out 100 surveys and received 33 responses.  Nineteen stated yes, 14 no.  Areas which were mentioned were digital curation, collection development, archives, and cyberinfrastructure.  Programming will support the program, and be available for all employees.  Recommend to reinstitute 5-6 month mentoring program, with 2 hours of release time.
      • Suggestion to talk with Lisa Dye on possibility to have librarians shadow colleagues at other UCs
      • Are recruiting more members, since there are only two members.
    6. Research & Professional Development Committee:
      Julie Mason reporting.

      1. Second call for presentation grants. March 2nd will have actual decision.  Full details are on the website at
      2. All forms are on the LAUC-R website:
  3. Senate Rep reports
    1. Committee on Courses: Tiffany Moxham reporting they are meeting that week.
    2. Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication: No report because they received no meeting notification.
  4. Round-Robin postponed due to lack of time.
  5. Approval of November 10, 2015 minutes
    Minutes approved

Meeting adjourned 3:10 p.m.

Membership Meeting: Nov. 10, 2015

2:00‐3:15 pm
Location: Rivera 403

Members Present:  Carla Arbagey (Chair), Kat Koziar (Secretary), Melissa Cardenas‐Dow,
Christina Cicchetti, Ann Frenkel, JJ Jacobson, Angela Lee, Judy Lee,
Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Julie Mason, Eric Milenkiewicz, Tiffany Moxham,
Rhonda Neugebauer, David Rios, Patricia Smith‐Hunt, Michael Yonezawa,
Virginia Schilling (Guest).

Meeting called to order by Carla Arbagey at 2:05 p.m.
1. Approval of September 8, 2015 minutes
a. Minutes approved

2. Welcome to new librarians and librarian series attendees
a. Carla welcomed new librarians and those new to the series:
Jessica Geiser, JJ Jacobson, Burges Jules, Angela Lee, and Eric Milenkiewicz.
b. As a result of new librarians in LAUC‐R, we will have another delegate in LAUC.

3. Systemwide report
a. Carla Reporting.
i. Assembly is at UC Merced in late March; Dan Russell, who works at Google, is a possible
speaker for the Assembly.  Donald Barclay, who is on the Direction and Oversight
Committee (DOC), is another possible speaker.
ii. UCLAS 2.0 is still being worked on.  The SAGs have officially been dismissed; however,
any projects which were authorized through them and have not yet completed are still
ongoing.  New structure includes the Council of University Librarians (CoUL); DOC; and
Shared Content Leadership Group (SCLG).
iii. New library at UCSB opening soon (January 4, 2016)
iv. APM Taskforce 360‐4 recommendations sent to UCOP.  UCOP will respond & send out
new APM in winter for review.  “Research & Creative Activity” is included in APM language.
v. CDL Director search is still underway.
vi. Three new system‐wide LAUC committees are formed:  Archives, LAUC Journal, and
Web Content. (see for all LAUC committees).
Clarification question was asked regarding the archives committee; the LAUC archives
are for systemwide materials (not local materials).  The physical archives are at UCB.
They use for documents.  In the past, since several (depreciated) systems were
used to store electronic documents, some materials are hard to find.

4. Committee reports
a. Bylaws:  No Report; chair not present.
b. Personnel Committee:  No Report.
c. Professional Governance Committee: Michael Yonezawa reporting.  Completed first of two
charges; decided no guests on committee.
d. Programs Committee: Rhonda Neugebauer reporting.  Still in brainstorming stage.
e. Research & Professional Development Committee:
i. Julie Mason reporting.
1. Both represented and non‐represented librarians get $1,000 for professional development
this fiscal year.
2. Local research funds are available in the amount of $1,500 for represented, and $500
for unrepresented.  Proposals are due by the end of March.
3. The first meeting of the systemwide committee was 11/8.
4. The next call for Presentation Grants is 1/20/2016, with proposals due 2/17/2016.
Will be forwarded to systemwide 3/2/2016.  Applicant must be accepted for the presentation
before the deadline of the proposals.  Full details are on the website at‐and‐professional‐development‐committee
5. All forms are on the LAUC‐R website:
ii. Steven Mandeville‐Gamble stated he and Lee Banda are looking into increasing
Professional Development base funding to $1,500/year.  Steve said he would like it at that level
f. Diversity Committee: Melissa Cardenas‐Dow reporting.  Still in the brainstorming stage.
Collaborating with the program committee.  The National Diversity in Libraries 2016 Conferenc
will be at UCLA; LAUC‐R should submit a proposal. Website at
g. Mentoring Committee:  No Report; chair not present.

5. Senate Rep reports
a. Committee on Courses:  Tiffany Moxham reporting.
i. The system used for course approval (currently called CRAMS) is changing.  They are trying
to streamline and simplify the process.
ii. Regarding eCourses, Tiffany reported there was discussion and concern regarding online
proctoring and authentication of students.  The new eCourse requests will require a statement
of the system used to deliver the course.  Concern on the content of eCourses and creating
an effective online experience.  Proctoring adds an additional expense onto the student;
there is no online proctoring on campus.  Steve stated that might change in the long‐term,
that G73 was being looked at as a possible place, but they require dedicated workstations for
proctoring. An issue of UC systemwide eCourses is while UCR may deliver some of the courses,
we receive no funds or enrollment as a result.  Students in these systemwide eCourses
do not have a NetID and are not able to use our resources.  It was reported that
the Masters in Engineering program uses lecture capture for their courses.
b. Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication: No report.

6. Vote to Approve committees
a. Committees were approved.

7. Round‐Robin of all members present
a. Carla Arbagey: presented a poster at CLA on Reinventing the Library Newsletter
b. Ann Frenkel: awarded a publishing contract and is one of three (and primary English) editors
of an anthology of underground printing in Poland.
c. Melissa Cardenas‐Dow: is working on LA 500, which is part of a nationwide program.  Second
screening of the 1st  episode will be at Riverside Public Library.
d. Rhonda Neugebauer: working on open access implementation.
e. JJ Jacobson: ABC‐CLIO asked to write virtual worlds immersive narrative. Also, created a
facebook page for Eaton.
f. Eric Milenkiewicz: participated in National History Day Learning Lab
g. Julie Mason: working on makerboxes for Rivera and Orbach.  Working group meets on
“Maker Mondays,” in OSL 122, 10‐11:30am.
h. Judy Lee: Worked on community cultural family village festival.
i. Steven Mandeville‐Gamble:  Writing in book, Managing Change in 21 st Century Libraries, with
Rebecca Lubas.
j. Tiffany Moxham: outreach research project resulting in poster (STFM) and presentation (MLA)
k. Christina Cicchetti: K‐12 Inland Empire Librarian Roundtable, working with group to provide
info to help students be college ready.
l. Virginia Schilling:  created Pinterest for California Digital Newspaper Collection Project.
m. Patricia Smith‐Hunt: Working on smaller digitization projects, and gearing upto be a vendor
to work with outside organizations.  Also, CAPA‐L will have additional information upcoming.

8. As may arise
a. Steve reported that 32‐33 cluster hire job announcements went out.

Meeting adjourned 3:15 p.m.

Membership Meeting: Sep. 8, 2015

2:00‐3:30 pm
Location: Rivera 403

Members Present:  Carla Arbagey (Chair), Kat Koziar (Secretary), Diane Bisom, Marie Bronoel,
Chistina Cicchetti, Ann Frenkel, Denise Kane, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Julie Mason,
Stephanie Milner, Tiffany Moxham, Rhonda Neugebauer, David Rios, Anthony Sanchez,
Alison Scott, Ying Shen, Patricia Smith‐Hunt, Michael Yonezawa

Meeting called to order by Rhonda Neugebauer at 2:02 p.m.
1. Gavel Exchange
a.  As outgoing chair, Rhonda Neugebauer expressed appreciation and thank yous
to all who helped her during the past year; recapped the year as one of advocacy and
engagement emphasizing achievements of increased voting within LAUC‐R,
change of designee in review process, initiation of tracking recruitments in personnel, and start of LAUC‐R archive (as an idea which will be implemented this year by her).
b.  Rhonda handed over LAUC‐R chair‐ship to Carla Arbagey by passing over the gavel.
c. Carla stated her platform for the year of “improving morale” and expressed desire to create a
space where all may share opinions, and ideas will be respected and listened to with an open

2. Announcements
a. David Rios shared his duties as Director of Special Research Projects which include working
with UL, AULS and staff as appropriate to conduct research.  Duties involve labor relation
support; assistance with campus cluster hires; liaison with Conacyt, Conaculta, UC‐Mexus to support UC‐Mexico Initiative; Inland Empire Memories project; HSI status; and, other duties as assigned.  His new office will be in Rivera 431.

3. Approval of June 9 minutes
a. June 9 minutes were approved.

4. Ongoing Business
a. APM 360‐4 Changes
i. Carla provided background on the APM changes and creation of APM taskforce.
Deadline for feedback for current proposed changes is today (9/8); however, deadline
might be extended.  Asked for any feedback from group.  Michael Yonezawa stated if
the level of feedback provided is essentially nitpicking the language, there probably
won’t be a consensus from a large group of people.
ii. Carla stated current proposed changes only impact non‐represented librarians. Tiffany
Moxham requested clarification regarding how many people this change impacts.  David
Rios responded five currently, but seven when the two reference manager positions are
b. Changes to The Call for librarian reviews
i. Carla stated nothing received yet.  Patricia Smith‐Hunt stated we should receive
something September 30. Steven Mandeville‐Gamble confirmed Patricia’s statement,
adding VPAP Office is still folding in recent changes; their original target date was

5. New Business
a. Committee Chairs and Charges
i. Carla: Good response rate of those interested in serving on committees; however, still
need Parliamentarians.  Committee members should check their email for this year’s
additional charges from the Chair.
ii. Action Item: Committee chairs to send membership list to Carla by next membership

b. Senate Committee invited guests
i. Carla gave UL privilege to select the Senate Committee invited guests.

c. Meeting Schedule for the Year
i. Bimonthly with Discussions/Theme Meetings
1. Carla suggested bimonthly meeting where during the off‐month we can have
brown‐bag discussions.  Rhonda stated regret at not having many discussions.
Kat Koziar stated she liked the idea, that it will provide set time which we
already set aside where we can have librarian discussions or specific workshops.
There was general consensus for this idea by nodding of heads which was
confirmed verbally by the Chair.
ii. Date/time
1. General consensus on keeping the same day/time.  Ann Frenkel pointed out that
the time would make it more of a snack‐bag than a brown bag during the off‐
month discussions.
2. Meetings will be bimonthly, on the second Tuesday of the month from 2:00‐
3:30p.m. with discussions during the off‐month.

6. Report from LAUC Transition Meeting
a. Carla Reported:
i. The new President of LAUC, Diane Mizrachi (UCLA), stated her platform is to “Celebrate
LAUC member scholarship & achievement.”
ii. New LAUC website  Check it out.  Website cost $40k to develop, using
discretionary funds from more than one campus.
1. To support the new website, Web Content Group is being formed focusing on
two areas: 1)  provide news from campuses to; 2) Social Media
iii. Suggestion to create a LAUC Journal on eScholarship to increase visibility of
librarianship.  Steve stated Diane Mizrachi presented the idea to Council of University
Librarians (CoUL) who expressed strong support and explored different options for
implementation and how to remove barriers such as a journal cannot be formed on
eScholarship, but must be an outside independent entity.
iv. They are looking into creating an Archivist for LAUC.

7. As may arise
a. UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS) 2.0
i. New structure is still being revised; there are ongoing discussions between CoUL and the
Directional Oversight Committee (DOC).  Ann stated she is on the DOC group; there is
nothing new to announce, but when the announcement is made she is willing to walk us
through the new structure.

b. CACLS Name Change.
i. Patricia requested clarification of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on the Librarian
Series (CACLS) name change.
1. Steve stated all other UC campuses use CAP or CAPA, and that the name CACLS
is misleading, since the group advises the UL and not the Chancellor.  The name change
from CACLS to CAP or CAPA is recommended to bring the name in alignment with other UC
campuses.  Since the faculty use the term CAP (Committee on Academic Personnel), we’ve been asked to append an L at the end of our name: Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement‐Librarians (CAPA‐L).

c. Review, Promotion and Advancement Process.
i. Steve asked if it is helpful during the review process to allow managers/admins to have
input at the beginning so candidates may understand what managers are looking for.  He
shared that the majority of push‐back he received from VPAP office during the process has
been regarding profiles which the VPAP didn’t think deserved merit increase; that 11% of laddering faculty get no merit during their process, and the VPAP thinks librarians would be similarly 11%.  The resulting statement from Steve was that some profiles didn’t contain enough evidence supporting merit to convince the VPAP.
ii. Patricia stated it is helpful to get other/extra input at the beginning of the process.
iii. Steve suggested creating sample profiles:  what does merit work look like at the other UCs
at the three different levels?  The expectation is there is an increasingly sophisticated level of
performance as librarians increase in levels and career.  UCLA bases merit not on the amount
of work, but the caliber of work.  Suggests having a conversation of what merit‐worthy work
looks like.
iv. Carla stated it is a good idea as long as the conversation is open and transparent.
v. Patricia asked what others think of including the manager/admin piece.
vi. Rhonda stated that for years people complained about not having an admin session.
vii. Diane stated her past experience from other campuses supports having the
manager/admin input; that having input from managers at the beginning is helpful.
viii. Alison stated there seems to be three perspectives for workshops 1) those going under
review, 2) the review initiators 3) for both 1 & 2 so they understand the process.
ix. Michael stated his experience from serving in the peer‐review process on other campuses
is every campus is different.  They each have different processes and levels of expectations.
Discussing what quality work looks like is important, as well as providing examples which are
diverse and open to encompass all varieties of librarianship here.
x. Alison emphasized the importance in learning how to construct a persuasive file as seen
by non‐librarian academics/administrators.
xi. Diane included we need to understand what is impactful in what we do.
xii. Steve suggested we don’t ask the question “Why” often enough.  Why are we doing what we
are doing?  We get caught up in the what and the how, and forget the why.  Why explains what and how.
xiii. Alison suggested if you don’t have a “so what” answer embedded in your argument, your
answer won’t be as persuasive.
xiv. Carla emphasized workshops are needed for all three levels, and would be helpful for the
xv. Marie stated if perception is key, then we need to know the weight of different areas if
the perception by the reviewers is one is more important than the other (e.g. publishing is more important than committee work).
xvi. Diane stated that all areas are equally important with the exception of area 1, in which
librarians should be excellent.  And the goal is to build a well‐rounded career which  touches
an all areas.
xvii. Tiffany stated that other institutions/organizations have very well defined merit processes;
however, we don’t.  So, we need to learn how to write our statements effectively by including
the impact our work has.
xviii. Carla asked who would lead these workshops and improvement of the process.
xix. Steve stated the new Director of Personnel and Human Resources (DPHR) would lead,
and that he is deeply involved with implementing the process correctly.
xx. Michael voiced a concern that a non-librarian may see things as black and white, and not
understand the nuances and variability of librarianship.
xxi. Carla questioned if the new DPHR would be here in time.
xxii. Steve stated he was making an offer tomorrow.  That training the review initiator is the
role of Senior Leadership in the library as per the contract/APM/MOU.
xxiii. Christina stated a need for reviews to be written consistently.
xxiv. Steve stated they are working on figuring out how the review files can be written better
and convincingly.  In the past, a lot of additional work was put into making review files stronger cases, and that AULs worked to strengthen the candidate up for review.  The bar is being raised across the whole campus for all candidates; the whole organization is going through hard
leadership.  The library senior leadership is trying to create the ability for success in a rapidly
changing environment.  Hard questions and conversations are ahead to rethink what the bar
looks like.
xxv. Carla reinforced we need to know what success looks like.
xxvi. Patricia thanked Steve for his willingness to work with the librarians through this.

Meeting adjourned 3:09 p.m.
Minutes Approved November 9, 2015 LAUC‐R Member Meeting.

Membership Meeting: June 9, 2015

OSL 240

Members Present: Sharon K Scott, Krista Ivy, David Rios, Carla Arbagey, Steve Mandeville-Gamble, Alison Scott, Diane Bisom, Kat Koziar, Denise Kane, Melissa Cardenas-Dow, Anthony Sanchez, Ann Frenkel, Rhonda Neugebauer, Judy Lee, Patricia Smith Hunt, Kuei Chiu, Marie Bronoel, Julie Mason, Michele Potter, Tiffany Moxham

  1. Welcome, announcements, recaps, accomplishments: RN – June 10th Webinar for UCLAS sent out via email. SKS – made announcements on recent LAUC-R exec board and CACLS members.
  2. LAUC-R Current Pending Items

A. RN – Interviews underway for the Klein Science Fiction librarian. AScott – Thanks membership for participation in the presentations, feedback, and meetings. RN – Asks if anyone has ideas for LAUC-R sessions for interviews. AS – Suggests using the summary found on the LAUC-R website instead of a printout of the new candidacy website. SMG – Suggests using a person as a resource for follow up questions from the candidate in addition to the LAUC-R website summary document. AF – Recommends handing out a document for CACLS related information, as well as anything related to the peer review process. Suggests more time for academic research interests and professional experiences rather than information on the peer review process. CA – Suggests formalizing the meeting with a more structured agenda and what LAUC-R’s goals are in this meeting. PSM – Mentions possibility in the past of attaching CACLS/Peer Review process to the job description. Also brings up issue of giving questions to the candidates, and agrees with a restructuring. DB – Suggests sending links to the LAUC-R documents in email. AF – Mentions that they are included. DR – Mentions that the HR person would most likely do make any amendments to new candidate website. RN – Would like to nail down the goals of the meeting. Suggests that Carla takes on restructuring process as part of taking on the Chairship. CA – Agrees.

B. Update to review process via VPAP Dr. Amae Walker: SMG – Library Admin has submitted a set of revisions to the call, and the VPAP’s office has begun looking them over. Has also revised document based on LAUC-R recommendations. VPAP’s office has all documents, timeline is unknown currently, but should be finalized by early June or July. MP – The process has been enjoyable and the VPAP’s office has been responsive. CA – Noted concern for reciprocal viewing of documents from administration and confirmed that it was asked for in letter to VPAP.

  1. Reports from LAUC-R Officers

A. RN – Budget

B. AS – May minutes were sent out before meeting today, please send revisions.

C. CA – Personnel job ads reviewed. Webinar on staff morale was successful.

D. Discussion and Decision about Representatives: RN – Ideas for assessment of the pilot project? Initial pilot was for 2 years. CA – First year was formative, second year more successful. AF – Question regarding the institutionalized nature of the appointments. Seems to be dependent on a receptive chair. MP – Does depend on the chair’s interpretation of “guest” as a part of the faculty senate committees. The pilot was started to feel out these concerns. SMG – Receives letter asking for representatives from LAUC-R. Believes Michael Yonezawa was invited to more meetings than the prior year, mostly likely to his familiarity amongst the academic senate. Academic Senate does not reach out to admin for agenda items, unlike other campus entities that may have more roles aligned with the academic senate activities. KK – How long are the senator’s terms? SMG – Depends on a year or more, the chair is on a 2 year cycle, while vice chair is on a year cycle, while members cycle in and out mostly on a yearly basis. Parliamentarian is also a 2 year appointment. MB – Likes the idea of the library guest being there for 2 years in order to become familiar with faculty. JL – Agrees with Marie that is necessary to be on a committee for at least 2 years to build relationships amongst faculty. CA – Mentions a lack of utility of serving on the committee on courses. Does not want to recommend losing our influence, but would like to assess the basis for serving on this committee. MP – Mentions the usefulness of having a line of information on new courses and being able to be ahead of the course for any needed resources. AF – Suggests someone from collection development being on the committee on courses. Brings up the issue of online courses. SMG – Might suggest a debriefing for the recent cluster hires. SKS – Suggests that LAUC-R executive board take it up. RN – Will refer to exec board to refine the issue. MP – When do we get the letter from the senate asking for reps? SMG – After summer was over, around September. MP – Once concern is that their terms might be different from LAUC’s. Should work to get ahead of their letter asking for reps. SMG – Coming this fall Takashita will be chair and is willing to meet over the summer to plan for upcoming academic year. MP – Right now might be advisable to get the appointments. CA – Will send out committee preferences earlier this year. SMG – Cindy Palmer, chief executive officer for day to day operations has ended her tenure and is moving on from UCR.

  1. Committee Chair Reports and Updates

A. Upcoming Programs: AS – Upcoming virtual brown bag lunch with Carlos Rodriguez to discuss learning spaces and student staffing. SMG – Grand Valley State University is also hosting a conference on these very same issues, will look into funding library representatives to attend. Recommends sending half page note by week’s end for wanting to attend conference. AF – Send out description of GVSU conference to LAUC-R membership. SMG – Suggests road trips to tour library facilities and garner ideas for library spaces. MB – Suggests touring of Loma Linda Library.

B. SKS – System bylaws are changing so the committee on committees will most likely be working on those in the future year.

C. Research and Development: JM – was able to refund all submittals through LAUC-R. Receipts needed for Sherri as soon as possible. Has changes on system-wide committee for grants if anyone is interested.

D. Diversity: CA – Micro-aggressions webinar was successful. Would like to have a book club start over the summer. System-wide committee is looking to track LAUC through the ages, most demographics reports are unavailable. Numbers are dwindling and records show through UCOP that we are at the lowest since record keeping. SMG – provost office has sent out information on their commitment to hiring practices regarding diversity. DR – Language will be added to relay a strong commitment to diversity on behalf of candidates. DB – Reads paragraphs on UCR’s commitment to hiring diverse candidates, and to diversity overall.

E. Committee on Professional Governance: JL – Nothing to report.

F. LAUC-R Website Update: Yoko Kudo not present. RN – working with Alexandra to transition the contents. CA – System-wide update will be upcoming.

  1. 2015 LAUC-R Elections: Election results sent out.
  2. 2015 LAUC System-wide Ballots: Sent out.
  3. Additional LAUC System-wide Activities
    A. Carla will spearhead UCLAS changes.
  1. New Campus Cluster Hires:

A. SMG – New lines being created. Received over 100 proposals. Provost has approved 130 positions. At least 8 faculty members will be hired within the Mexican diaspora. New faculty has been spread out evenly among the colleges. Meetings will be forthcoming for roll out of hiring. Might expect faculty to arrive by winter. There has been a campus wide space study in order to accommodate the new faculty hires. Spaces within the library might become homes for faculty or programs that resonate with the mission of the library. Librarian positions may be present in the next cluster of new hires. JL – Would like to see allocations for collections. AScott – Has been tasked to make strategic budget requests in order to target certain programs or necessary resources. SMG – The campus has completely revised the budget process. Revisions may include negotiations with the colleges and schools aligned with the library to determine budget allocations. KI – When is the new budget expected to take hold? SMG – This year has been determined as a hold harmless year, in order to assess impacts, and by the end of June 2016 the new budget process will go live. Colleges and schools are being tasked to be more creative about fund raising. DB – Many budget systems are moving to new IT systems as well.


Meeting Adjourned 3:10pm

Membership Meeting: May 12, 2015

Rivera 140

Members Present: Rhonda Neugebauer, Carla Arbagey, Anthony Sanchez, Sharon Scott, Kuei Chiu, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Eric Milenkiewicz, Manuel Urrizola, Stephanie Milner, Christina Cicchetti, Michael Yonezawa, Judy Lee, Marie Bronoel, Julie Mason, Ying Shen, Michele Potter, Tiffany Moxham

  1. Welcomes, announcements, recaps: CA – Room 240 will feature an hourly charge of $20 per hour starting July 1st. MU – Gwido Zlatkes will retire as of July 1st. SM – May the 4th event was a success, with almost 300 people attend. Surveys and raffles were also well received by attendants. EM – Turn out exceeded expectations and confirmed interest in Eaton collection and pop culture. Students would like a comic book artist or sci-fi writer would be recommended. KC – Recommends library or LAUC-R funding for future iterations of May the 4th PSM – exhibits committee discussed the event and future pocket of funds for similar events. JL – Would LAUC-R funds kickstart all events? Concerns regarding the sustainability of funding all events, and recommends the library fund these types of programs. MU – Petko ceremony will be held this Thursday 3-4:30. JL – Judy Yung presentation and lectures was successful tying into faculty research and teaching curriculum. Thanks LAUC-R for support of the program. Community members, faculty, and students all had positive reactions to Judy Yung’s talks. MY – Suggests to chair a reception, recognition, or gift from LAUC-R to retiring members. RN – Digital Zombies, and interactive library assignment, as put on by Juliette Levy, a history faculty member was presented to the library last Friday. CA – a new library newsletter will be put out by the administration, still encourages people to submit to the staff newsletter.
  2. LAUC-R Pending and other requests: LAUC-R is invited to have sessions for the four candidate interviews for the Science Fiction Librarian. CA – Suggests having a session devoted to explaining the benefits of LAUC. PSM – Suggests providing a packet on information regarding LAUC and CACLS. SKS – Likes Carla’s suggestion, most questions asked are covered by other sessions and the review process should be explained in detail to candidates. JM – Motion to create a blog entry for candidates to welcome and give them information regarding the review process. CA – Amendment to motion to have the Committee on Personnel take this on. MY – motion is not required for this action, instead a charge can be given to Committee on Personnel, and then voted upon.
  3. Workflow of Review Process: MP – Committee of CACLS and LAUC members to present suggestions for the review process. MP – suggests a PowerPoint of the review process and procedures would be helpful. MP – Commentary for VPAP Walker needed by tomorrow. MB – The document should come from LAUC, as the delegate represented most of LAUC members. RN – members should meet tomorrow to finalize document.
  4. LAUC Assembly: RN – Information included on the packet.
  5. Committee on Elections: Nominations have been announced.
  6. Minutes from April 14th: No discussion, CA – Motion to approve, SS – 2nd. Motion approved.

Meeting adjourned 5/12

Membership Meeting: Apr. 14, 2015

Orbach 240

Present: Rhonda Neugebauer, Carla Arbagey, Patricia Smith Hunt, Michael Yonezawa, Alexandra Dolan-Mescal, Guido Zlatkes, Sharon Scott, Anthony Sanchez, Stephen Mitchell, Julie Mason, Kat Koziar, Ying Shen, Marie Bronoel, Christina Cicchetti, Michele Potter, Tiffany Moxham, Manuel Urrizola,

  1. Welcome, Announcements: CA – Newsletter has been issued today. SM – R’Courses have been successful on campus, with many offerings. SM has been instrumental in bringing the program to UCR and providing support. MY – US News has deemed UC online courses a failure, was discussed in an article talking about MOOCS. MY – Updates to APM changes with respect to review will be discussed this coming Thursday.
  2. LAUC-R Pending Requests: RN – LAUC-R asked for more time with candidates, denied by leadership team. RN – Review process proposed changes. Reps from LAUC/CACLS met with VPAP Walker.

Preparation for the LAUC assemblies and LAUC Systemwide Discussions: RN – Van pool will leave Friday. CC – Special assemblies held last week on the by-laws regarding membership. CA – will hold an afternoon panel at the LAUC assemblies on reorganization

Membership Meeting: Mar. 10, 2015

Members Present: Rhonda Neugebauer, Melissa Cardenas Dow, Stephanie Milner, Gwido Zlatkes, Anthony Sanchez, Kat Koziar, Sharon K. Scott, Ginger Schilling, Christina Cicchetti, Marie Bronoel, Julie Mason, Ying Shen, Manuel Urrizola, Patricia Smith Hunt, Michael Yonezawa, Carla Arbagey, Kuei Chiu, Steve Mitchell

1. Welcome, announcements
a. MCD: ReCap on past grants and programs here on campus relating to Latino/Chicano Studies. “Strategically Where Do we go from Here?” Strong community support and attendance. Intersectionality was explored as well as demonstrations in numbers as evidenced by 2006 rallies in Los Angeles. Not wanting to tie organization strength to political representation, more emphasis on community participation.

2. Preparation for the LAUC Assembly
a. MB: Has booked a fleet vehicle, holds 9 people including the driver. All spots have been filled. Members reminded to send in their electronic registration.
b. SKS: All campuses have sent in feedback. Will be further discussed at upcoming LAUC assembly. If possible, feedback from other campuses will be distributed.

3. Reports from LAUC-R Officers, Reps, and Delegates
a. Chair: RN: Sent letter to ask for more time for LAUC during interviews. Dan Tsang will also be on campus next week. Lunch will be in 240.
b. Secretary: AS: Nothing to report.
c. Vice Chair: CA: Personnel Job ad reviews, orientations for new librarians.
d. Delegates to LAUC April Assembly: CC: Will meet in the future with Chair, or CPG in preparation of the assembly. MY: Will there be a vote? CC: Strong inclination of vote for the assembly based on surveys to see how many delegates will be present.

4. Committee Chair Reports and/or Updates
a. Mentoring Committee New Chair: Krista Ivy not present.
b. Programs: PSM and MU: Nothing to report.
c. Diversity: CA: Upcoming program on March 18th regarding microaggressions.
d. Committee on Committees: SKS: Nothing to report
e. Personnel: CA: Nothing to report.
f. Committee on Professional Governance: Judy Lee not present
g. Committee on Research and Professional Development: JM: Local grants will be due on March 31st, the systemwide due date has already passed and are being reviewed.

5. Interview Candidate Sessions with LAUCR Members
a. Letter has been sent, will be reviewed by Leadership Team

6. Contributions to Newsletter: CA: Submissions or joining a meeting is encouraged. April 14th will be distributed.

7. Updates
a. CA: System wide Web Redesign Committee has been active and will need submissions for the meet our member’s pages.

Meeting Adjourned 2:32pm

Membership Meeting: Feb. 10, 2015

February 10th, 2015



Present: Michael Yonezawa, Melissa Cardenas Dow, Carla Arbagey, Sharon K Scott, Judy Lee, Marie Bronoel, Rhonda Neugebauer, Krista Ivy, David Rios, Anthony Sanchez, Kuei Chiu, Steve Mitchell, Julie Mason, Jessica Greene, Ginger Schilling, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Michele Potter, Denise Kane, Ying Shen


  1. Welcome, announcements
    1. MCD – ALA Taskforce on Equity and Inclusion has deployed a survey, shared URL. Reporting will occur in April 2014.
    2. RN – New chair of mentoring committee, Krista Ivy.
  2. Reports from LAUC-R Officers, Reps, and Delegates
    1. Chair: RN – Daniel Tsang program. First program to be open to the entire library. Union meeting will be held in the afternoon, also hosted by Dan Tsang. Will include a 2nd talk in the afternoon on corporatization of academia.
    2. Secretary: AS – Nothing to report. January minutes approved.
    3. Vice Chair/Chair Elect: CA – Nothing to report.
    4. Delegate to LAUC Assembly: CC – Nothing to report.
    5. Reps to LAUC systemwide committees
    6. Reps to academic senate committees
  3. Committee Chair Reports and Updates
    1. Mentoring Committee: KI – Spoke of plans to restart mentoring program in the Fall. JDG – Would like to survey membership for interest.
    2. Programs: RN – Paraguay lecture tomorrow at noon.
    3. Diversity: CA – Nothing to report.
    4. Committee on Committees: SKS – Nothing to report.
    5. Personnel: CA – Nothing to report.
    6. CPG: JL – Nothing to report.
    7. Committee on Research and Professional Development: JM – Reminder of upcoming deadlines for grant proposals (local) at the end of March 31st.
    8. MB – Suggestion by Marie to travel via university van to UCSD assembly on April 17th. Budget will be determined by MB.
  4. Interview Candidate Sessions with LAUC-R Members
    1. CA – Diminishing membership at LAUC-R session represents a problem. Members are encouraged to attend these meetings to present a positive face to candidates. SKS – Suggests more time for the review process during the LAUCR sessions with candidates. Particularly allowing for more than 30 minutes allows the candidate to ask question and interact more with librarians. JDG – Motion to ask administration for a longer LAUCR session by 15 minutes taken from the lunch or another session during the day. Motion Approved.
  5. New Ad-Hoc Working Groups
    1. LAUC Assessment of Health of the Profession in the UC: SM – Handout of statistics, will continue to cobble together more statistics. Also, a survey on morale will be explored. Primary concern is gathering numbers of people.
    2. Proposed Professional Topics/Themes to discuss: RN – Is there still support for this charge? Or interest? MB – Suggests addressing topics as they arise. SM – Suggests informal LAUCR programs.
    3. Peer Review Process Changes and Review by LAUCR for the VPAP office: RN – Suggests put together a document for the administration. MP – CACLS and Judy met with Dr. Walker on Jan. 22nd to get her perspective on this issue as well as others. Dr. Walker asked many questions. She is aware that we are the only campus with a library department whose peer review is not headed by the dean of the library. She has heard of a compromise that includes allowing review documents to be extended to the VPAP in case of an agreement. Emphasized a preference for rules, face to face meetings for CACLS or ad hocs, and electronic documents. SM – Suggests a meeting with LAUC-R and CACLS regarding the deliberations regarding the review process. MP – Suggests coming back as a group together to share information and gather opinions.
    4. Task force to review opportunities to serve on Academic Senate Committees:
  6. CPG Discussion: JL & SKS – Did not meet until January. Charge discusses membership of LAUC. Committee has put together three suggestions regarding future actions regarding the LAUC membership. Full options will be forthcoming. March 5th will be deadline for comments on option. Responses will be gathered by Rhonda.
  7. Newsletter: CA – being printed this afternoon.
  8. Meeting Adjourned 3:30pm.

Membership Meeting: Jan. 13, 2015

January 13th, 2015, 2:00-3:30

Present: Melissa Cardenas-Dow, Eric Milenkiewicz, Sharon K. Scott, Yoko Kudo, Carla
Arbagey, David Rios, Kat Koziar, Marie Bronoel, Ying Shen, Rhonda Neugebauer, Judy Lee,
Christina Cicchetti, Anthony Sanchez, Ginger, Julie Ree, Julie Mason, Patricia Smith Hunt,
Tiffany Moxham, Steve Mitchell, Michael Yonezawa, Stephanie Milner,

Meeting Started: 2:05

1. Welcome to New Members
a. Kat Koziar
b. Melissa Cardenas-Dow

2. Announcements
a. None

3. Agenda
a. No additions

4. Minutes
a. Revisions
i. 4.b committees reports and personal – amend to librarian, not archivist
b. Motion to approve minutes as amended.
c. Motion accepted.

5. Old Business – Committee Reports
a. Budget: RN – Funded programs for discussions, and Winter/Spring
b. Professional Discussion: RN – Professional Discussions/Brown Bag
i. Topics for discussions/brown bag discussion
ii. Action: topics for brown bags due by Friday
iii. Daniel Tsang discussion still TBD
iv. Action: Send email for volunteers for Daniel Tsang discussion
c. Upcoming Programs: CC – Updates on January Programs
i. SM – Seth Rosenfeld, Subversives Lecture, 21st of January
ii. CC – Prof. Begonia reading, The Hammer of Witches: a historical novel, 22nd of January.
d. Committee on Personnel: CA – Nothing to report.
e. Committee on Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction, Elections: SS – Nothing to report.
f. Committee on Professional Governance: JL – Draft of the PAMs 2.1, 2.2 are not finished yet.
g. Committee on Research and Professional Development: JM – By end of this week, the grants awarded will be announced. A second call for presentation grants due March 2 nd will follow the next week.
h. Committee on Programs: PSM – Nothing to report.
i. Committee on Diversity: CA – Nothing to report.
j. LAUCR Webmaster: YK – Nothing to report.
k. LAUC-R System wide representatives: SS – Have not met yet. CA – LAUC system wide website redesign almost finalized.
l. RN – Met with Jose Wudka
i. Informed about open access policies
ii. Updated on librarian representatives to academic senate committees.
iii. Action: committee on how to proceed with new committee assignments.

6. New Business
a. LAUC-R committee on professional governance
i. DR – Question regarding compensation and redefinitions within the LAUC-R changes of the by-laws.
i. No discussion.
ii. JL – Question to membership of effectiveness of CACLS review meetings.
iii. TM – Found sessions very helpful and informative.
iv. EM – Gave him groundwork and basics of the review process as a R.I.
vi. YS – Was very informative and learned new information.
c. Topics for upcoming LAUC-R Meetings
i. Membership Issues: Curators/Archivists
ii. UL’s Speaker Series
iii. Peer Review Process Changes – CC: Suggests forming small group to form a recommendation and/or position. MB – Notes from past discussion should be utilized. Action: Committee formed in meeting and members volunteered.

7. System wide LAUC Issues
a. Redesign of LAUC Website.
b. LAUC system wide inaugural newsletter –
c. LAUC increases system-level advising –
d. New open access deposit –
e. New UCLAS webinar series – First was delivered in the Fall.
f. New UC Library Advisory Structure Blog – New blog. RN – Should we leave group feedback on topics or posts? EM – Suggests giving issues, comments, or questions to SAG representatives.
g. Spring Assembly Topics –

8. Open Floor
SM – Concerned with the downsizing of the profession UC wide. AS – Question on the
use of Librarian Professionals within UCB. PSH – Suggests posing this question to Mitchell
Brown during visit. SM – Asks Rhonda to bring up issue of downsizing of librarians to other
LAUC presidents. MY – Calls attention to non-librarians selecting materials, also those with
PhDs selecting materials. Brings up example of Santa Cruz whose librarian numbers were
severely decreased. RN – A 2002 report says they have the same numbers as the 90’s.

9. Proposals for next meeting
SM – Asking to bring up issue of librarian attrition to system wide levels. SM – bring
together an informal group to analyze librarian to student ratios and populations.

Meeting Adjourned: 3:00pm

Membership Meeting: Nov. 12, 2014

November 12 th , 2014, 2:30-3:45pm

Rivera Library Room 403Members Present: Julie Mason, Alexandra Dolan-Mescal, Susan Seifried, Marie Bronoel, Melissa Cardenas-Dow, Ying Shen, Michele Potter, Julie Ree, Judy Lee,
Sharon K. Scott, Eric Milenkiewicz, Michael Yonezawa, Carla Arbagey, David Rios, Anthony Sanchez, Rhonda Neugebauer, Tiffany Moxham, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Jessica Greene, Christina Cicchetti, Manuel Urrizola

I. Old Business
1. Minutes September approved.
2. Minutes October approved, accepted as modified.
3. Committee roster, amended to reflect, “invited.”
SKS: Question on bylaws to determine the rules regarding approving the committee roster by quorum of LAUCR. Exec board can approve to have it in the bylaws.
4. Reports
a. Committee on Committee: SKS: waiting for the charge and then will have first meeting of the year.
b. Committee on Personnel: CA: Met and approved Kline Science Fiction Librarian.
c. Committee on Professional Governance: JL: Sent out second revision of the PAM 2.1,2.1 to principals last Friday. Waiting for response. Committee has delegated communication with LAUCR through the chair rather than the membership.
d. Committee on Research and Professional Development: JM: Will meet next week. Has received first round of funding and proposal grants.
e. Committee on Programs: PSM: Have already met and developed ideas for programs for the upcoming year. Several confirmed programs such as “Follow the Item,” and a reading from a College of Education faculty member. Membership invited to bring ideas to the committee. Programs will be advertised via the newsletter and listserv.
f. Committee on diversity: CA: Chair attended System wide conference call. More local chapters are starting diversity committees. Looking at the redesign of the LAUC website.
RN: There will be a systemwide email to create a directory at the systemwide level.
MY: Confirmed the email and future plans at the systemwide level. g. Committee on mentoring: JG: Have not met yet. Has had one student contact for mentorship.
5. Report on Academic Senate Committees
a. Carla Arbagey: Nothing to report currently.
b. Michael Yonezawa: Nothing to report currently. Was unable to go to meeting, but agenda reviewed the strategic plan, as well as Katherine Kott. Committee will consider removing “Scholarly Communications” from the title. Will continue to pursue consistent invites to meetings.
c. Steven Mandeville-Gamble: Not present for report.
d. Additional Committees: SKS: Finalized list of possible academic senate committee meetings for LAUC-R membership to join.
RN: Adds two more examples.
JG: Question to see if a LAUC membership guest would like to serve as a guest on
academic senate committee.
MY and JG: Clarifies library’s relation to the physical resources planning committee as having a voice or information in the face of any ideas or plans for the library facilities or campus wide.
6. LAUC-R Parliamentarian Report
a. MY: Nothing to report
7. LAUC-R Webmaster Report
a. Yoko Kudo: Not present
8. LAUC-R Systemwide representations
a. SKS: No conference calls this year.
b. Julie Mason: No conference calls this year. Committee is in process of reviewing the first round of proposals. Will not be funding all the grants in first round, in order to save funds for second round. Can resubmit for second round.c. CA: See above.

II. New Business
9. LAUCR standing committee charges: forthcoming.
10. CACLS: Michele Potter: members are encouraged to attend meetings relating to reviews. MY: Discussion of distinguished librarian status and its possibility amongst the APM and MOU.
RN: Kuei Chiu will contact all for update.
11. Programs Update
a. Julie in December.
b. Dan Tsang from UCI will be in Winter/Spring.
12. Discussion of Reference Services to LAUC-R Membership:
a. LAUCR should approach department affected to bring issue up in future meeting.
13. Proposal to discuss professional issues and topics within LAUCR a. Fifteen minutes per meeting.
JG: Is fifteen minutes enough? Is LAUC the appropriate forum.
MB: The discussion can continue outside of the meeting and spread amongst departments via email or blogs.
ADM: Libstaff website will be revamped to have more collaborative capabilities, expected July.
MP: Also could be a topic encouraged via the listserv.
JG: Concerned about additional email.
MY: Can be a virtual brown bag discussion. Emphasis should be on informal idea or information gathering.
14. System-wide Issues
a. Open Access policy passed in 2013, is now going to be applied to librarians as well as faculty. Rhonda would like to encourage people to deposit into e-scholarship.
TM: May not apply to non-senate academic faculty as a mandatory edict.
MP and TM: Discussion regarding the role of librarians in training faculty and mediating the mandatory depositing of materials.
KI: Suggests a workshop in the future.
MB: Are there any point people to contact at CDL?

Meeting Adjourned at 3:45