LAUC Committee on Professional Governance
Report to the Assembly, December 11, 1998


I. LAUC Professional Governance Committee Survey of Members

II. Salary Restructuring for UC Librarians: A Chronological History

III. Headcount of Librarians (CTO 621) by campus, by rank, by step (Data from Original Document, reported by UCOP in October 1998)--(Update from UCOP in October 1999)--Key

IV. ARL Comparison 8 UC Pac/West Comparison Data (FY 90, 95, 97 data)

V. LAUC Recruitment and Retention Survey Results 11/20/98

VI. CSU Salary Scale Information and 1997-98 Salary Schedule

VII. Table 33, Librarian Series, Fiscal Year (Salary Scale 10/1/8)

VIII. Personnel Program for Staff Members, 1998-99 Salary Grade Ranges

IX. UC Librarians Headcounts from 1987 and 1990

X. Comparisons With Other Academic Non-Senate Series