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This memorandum outlines recruitment procedures for the Librarian series.


When it becomes known that a vacancy will occur, the Division Head discusses with the Department Head, and others in the Division as appropriate, the organization, staffing, and needs of the Department and the Division. Based on these discussions, the Division Head submits a request to the University Librarian to fill the vacancy. Before making a final decision, the University Librarian may discuss the allocation of the position, in terms in Library-wide goals and priorities, with the Division Heads.


The Library shall continue to recruit the most qualified librarians to fill professional positions on its staff. Open recruitment, which is essential to the selection of qualified librarians, shall occur for Career Statues and Potential Career Status positions whenever the Library determines that such positions are open for outside recruitment. Candidates currently employed by the Library who apply for a vacancy shall be considered with all other applicants.


The University Librarian determines the level at which the position will be filled, the start date, and the geographic extent of the search. If the position is to be recruited for at a level higher than Assistant Librarian, Step III, the University Librarian will discuss the level with the Executive Vice Chancellor. Once the level is approved, the following procedures apply.

The Department head prepares a draft position announcement which is submitted to the Associate University Librarian (AUL) through the Division Head. It is then submitted to the University Librarian for review. The University Librarian transmits the draft announcement to LAUC-R for review of the appropriateness of the qualifications and proposed rank in terms of the duties and responsibilities. LAUC-R has five working days to respond.

The Library Personnel Office prepares the draft recruitment plan and appropriate ads, which, after review by the Department Head and the University Librarian, are sent to the Executive Vice Chancellor through the Campus Affirmative Action Officer. Required changes are incorporated by the Library Personnel Office.


Position announcement are distributed by the Library Personnel Office to college and university libraries, library schools, and professional organizations, depending on the nature of the position and the geographic extent of the search. The lists for this mailing are compiled and updated periodically by the Library Personnel Office. The Library Personnel Office arranges for the publication of ads in the newspapers, professional journals, and job referral sources indicated in the recruitment plan. A copy of the announcement is also sent to each UCR librarian.


The University Librarian appoints a Screening Committee, designates the Chair, and schedules an initial meeting of the Committee. Screening committees consist of several members of the Librarian series; the Department or Division Head, the Associate University Librarian, and the University Librarian serve as ex-officio members. In some circumstances, the Committee may be expanded to include a faculty member and/or Library staff member. The AUL acts as a resource person to the group and is responsible for monitoring affirmative action procedures. The Chair of the Committee is responsible for communications with the Library Personnel Office and the University Librarian.

At the first Screening Committee meeting, the AUL briefs the Committee on recruitment procedures, including equal opportunity and affirmative action matters. The following documents and guidelines relating to the recruitment process are distributed.

Personnel Administrative Memorandum No. 2.3
Position Announcement
Recruitment Plans & Ads
Standard letters used in the recruitment process
Guide to a Successful Interview
Library’s Guidelines to Pre-Employment Inquiries
University regulations governing entertainment of candidates

The Committee is informed about the administrative support available to it by the Library Personnel Office.


Procedures outlined below will be followed for all candidates.

The Library Personnel Office acknowledges each letter of application in writing and sends the candidate a position announcement and an affirmative action questionnaire. The Library Personnel Office is responsible for creating and maintaining all candidate files, ensuring their confidentiality, and making them available to Committee members, the Department Head, and the Division Head. The Chair may request that the Library Personnel Office notify members when there are new files to be examined.

Candidates will be kept informed of the status of their candidacies by the Library Personnel Office. Candidates considered beyond the initial stage of screening will be sent a letter informing them of their status, and candidates who have been removed from consideration will be notified promptly.

The Committee will meet regularly on a timely basis to discuss files received to date. At any point in the review process, telephone calls may be made to the candidate or to other appropriate persons to clarify written documents or to seek additional information. At the request of the Chair and with the University Librarian’s approval, the Library Personnel Office solicits letters of reference for candidates of interest to the Committee. The Chair will indicate which references are to be contacted.


The Committee meets with the University Librarian and recommends candidates to be invited for on-campus interviews. Based on the University Librarian’s decision, the Library Personnel Office contacts the candidates, makes the necessary travel, lodging, and on-campus arrangements, and sends each candidate an information packet. The Library Personnel Office is also responsible for arranging local transportation for the candidate, from the airport or other depot to the hotel, and back and forth between the hotel and the campus.

The candidate’s itinerary and the interview schedule are planned by the Committee, the University Librarian, and the Library Personnel Office. Normally, on-campus interviews will last one day, except for Division head positions, when the interview may last one and one-half or two days. Each candidate for a position will be invited for the same period of time and will meet with the same individuals and groups. The Committee Chair is responsible for assuring compliance with University regulations regarding expenses for entertaining candidates. Deviations from the itinerary must be approved by the University Librarian. Prior to the interview, each Library department will be sent copies of the interview schedule, the candidate’s resume and letter of application, a reminder about legal guidelines on questions, and information about communicating comments to the Committee.


The University Librarian encourages interested staff, Department and Division Heads, and LAUC-R to submit comments and recommendations regarding the candidates. When the interviews have been complete, the Committee meets and arrives at a recommendation addressing all criteria specified in the charge from the University Librarian. The Committee then meets with the University Librarian and the Division head to present and discuss its recommendations before forwarding the formal written evaluation and recommendation to the University Librarian.


The University Librarian makes the decision and a preliminary telephone call to the candidate to assess the candidate’s willingness to accept the position. If the response is positive, the University Librarian writes a recommendation for appointment and forwards it, along with the Committee’s recommendations, supporting documentation for the candidate, and the Affirmative Action Compliance Report, to the Executive Vice Chancellor. The CACALS Appointment Review Procedures are then followed.

If the initial candidate’s response is negative, the University Librarian decides on a course of action in consultation with the Division Head and the Screening Committee.

After a final decision from the Executive Vice Chancellor, the University Librarian notifies the successful candidate. A formal offer of employment will be forwarded to the candidate by the Executive Vice Chancellor. After the successful candidate has formally accepted the appointment, the Library Personnel Office promptly notifies the unsuccessful candidates of the decision, and sends an announcement of the appointment to the staff.


All documents (formal and informal) generated in the recruitment process are retained by the Library Personnel Office according to the Affirmative Action guidelines.

Letters of reference requested by the Library are confidential and are made available only to the Screening committee, the Department/Division Head, the Associate University Librarian, and the University Librarian. Other Library employees may submit a request to the AUL to review the non-confidential documents in the file, such as letter of application, resume, transcripts, unsolicited letters of reference, samples of work, copies of articles, etc. Such review shall take place in the Library Personnel Office and shall be limited by the requirements of the Screening Committee’s access to the files.

At the completion of the recruitment process, all copies of confidential documents and formal and informal notes should be destroyed. The recruitment files are maintained by the Library Personnel Office in accordance with University policies.