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This memorandum outlines procedures for conferral of Emeritus status on retiring Librarians.

  1. EligibilitySection 120 of the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) establishes the policies for conferral of Emeritus status to academic personnel who are not members of the Academic senate. APM 120-10 states the following criteria for determining eligibility for Emeritus status:

    An academic appointee or academic administrative officer who holds that position at the time of retirement and who is not a member of the Academic Senate may be nominated for conferral of the Emeritus title suffix.

    In these cases, the nominee shall be judged by the following criteria:

    1. At least ten years of University Service
    2. Attainment of the highest rank in the individual’s title series.
    3. Evidence of noteworthy and meritorious contributions to the educational mission and programs of the University.
  2. Conferral ProcedureThe title suffix Emeritus for academic personnel who are not members of the Academic Senate is conferred by the President of the University after consultation with the appropriate Chancellor or Vice President. The procedures are nominating a librarian for the Emeritus status includes the following steps:
    1. A retiring librarian may be nominated for Emeritus status by that librarian’s review initiator, with the concurrence of the Division Head.
    2. The review initiator will assemble a nomination file which will include the following:
      1. A letter addressed to the University Librarian, setting forth a brief history of the librarian’s employment and a detailed explanation of how the criteria set forth in APM 120-10 have been fulfilled (listed under Eligibility above).
      2. An updated Biography for Academic Personnel form to determine the employee’s rank, years of University service, and current home address.
      3. A signed statement from the librarian stating the intent to retire on a given date.
    3. The nomination file should be sent to the University Librarian shortly before the librarian’s date of retirement.
    4. The University Librarian will review the nomination file, and, if in agreement with the nomination, will write a letter of support addressed to the Chancellor, and transmit the nomination file to the Vice Chancellor for Faculty Relations and Academic Support.
    5. The Vice Chancellor for Faculty Relations and Academic Support, if concurring with the nomination, after consultation with the Chancellor and CACLS, will forward the file to the Office of the President.

    If approved, the librarian will be notified by the Office of the President of the conferral of Emeritus status.

  3. PrivilegesA Librarian Emeritus may be accorded the following Privileges:
    1. Library borrowing privileges, including interlibrary loan.
    2. Access to MELVYL passwords and to online literature searchers.
    3. A library carrel or equivalent library space, subject to the same priorities and restrictions that apply or may come to be applied to others holding the Emeritus title.
    4. Use of the Library’s intercampus bus, subject to such priorities as use patterns may make necessary.
    5. Parking in any UCR general parking lot subject to the same terms and conditions as may be applicable to others holding the Emeritus title.