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  1. Purpose

    Paid professional leave may be granted to enable recipients to engage in research, study, writing, or other creative activity; or University, professional or public service, thus to become more effective librarians and to enhance their services to the University and to the profession.

    (This document does not preclude the granting of paid leave for other purposes, under the terms of the Academic Personnel Manual or the Memorandum of Understanding.)

  2. Eligibility

    This memorandum applies to employees of the UCR Library with any of the following titles: Associate Librarian, Librarian, Assistant University Librarian, or Associate University Librarian. A librarian with one of these titles becomes eligible for professional leave upon the completion of six years of continuous service as a University of California librarian, provided that six years have passed since the most recent previous such leave.

  3. Terms of Employment While on Leave

    A leave will be for up to two UCR academic quarters, depending on the requirements of the project. If the leave extends to two quarters, one will normally be a summer quarter.

    The librarian’s normal salary and University-paid benefits will continue during the leave.

    The librarian may request a full leave, with no assignments during the period of the leave; or a leave in residence, with a reduced schedule.

    No paid leave will be granted if more than 30 days of the proposed leave are to be devoted to attending international conferences and related scholarly activities (per APM 758-16).

    A paid professional leave will be granted only with the understanding that the recipient will continue services to the Library for at least two academic quarters thereafter.

  4. Application procedure

    A librarian who wishes to apply for a paid professional leave should submit a proposal to the University Librarian, consisting of:

    1. A description of the proposed project or activity, with a justification for the requested leave. This should address the librarian’s goals for the leave, and the expected benefits to the librarian, to the Library, or to scholarship.
    2. A current curriculum vitae.
    3. A letter from the librarian’s Department Head, assessing the proposal and its benefits, and explaining how the unit will accommodate the absence of the librarian. This letter should be cosigned by the appropriate Division Head.

      Normally, the librarian’s department and division will be expected to carry out their responsibilities during the leave without additional staffing.

    If the proposal meets the requirements of this memorandum, the University Librarian will forward it to LAUC-R and request an assessment of its professional merit.

    As the needs of the Library’s operations and services permit, the most meritorious proposals will be approved by the University Librarian. Normally, no more than two leaves will be granted during any academic year, nor more than one from any department.

  5. Assessment of Project

    After completion of a paid professional leave, a librarian will prepare a report describing the outcome of the project or activity, including a copy of any resulting publications or documents. This report will be retained for consideration in the event of a future request for another such leave.