LAUC-R Membership Meeting
Minutes September 23, 2005

Rivera Library Room 420, 2:00 - 4:00p.m.

Members Present : John Bloomberg-Rissman, Marie Bronoel, Kuei Chiu, Melissa Conway, Ken Furuta, Patricia Hargis, Margaret Hogarth, Heidi Hutchinson, Rhonda Neugebauer, David Rios, Sharon Scott, Emily Stambaugh, Stefanie Wittenbach, Michael Yonezawa


  1. Michael called the meeting to order at 2:08 p.m. and passed the gavel to Ken.

  2. Review Agenda: no new items

  3. Welcome new LAUC member Sharon Scott.

  4. Unable to approve minutes due to lack of a quorum.

  5. Meeting Schedule
    1. We will continue to meet on the second Tuesday of the month, 2:00-4:00 p.m. The meeting schedule, in Room 240, is: November 8th
      January 10th
      March 14th
      May 9th
      July 11th

  6. Report from Past Chair - Michael Yonezawa
    1. Thank you to the past executive board and committees for their excellent work both system-wide and locally.
    2. The members gave useful and constructive feedback; there were several activities during this productive year, including the Promoting and Supporting a Set of Core Values Around Diversity, lecture by Dr. Yolanda Moses, June 2, 2005, and welcome reception.
    3. The official report will be given to the Webmaster, Sylvia, and will be mailed as a single attachment by email as well as posted on the Web site.

  7. Assembly delegate report - Marie Bronoel
    1. Full committee reports are online at
    2. Terry Huwe's report is at
    3. The LAUC Web site has been re-done, and includes interesting questions, issue discussions, and contributor comments.
    4. Sarah Pritchard, UCSB University Librarian, welcomed LAUC.
    5. Myron Okada, Director, Office of Academic Personnel gave a report. There has been no cost of living increase in 3 years. The governor calls for a 3% increase pending legislative approval. The University will fund merit increases from the 3% cost of living adjustment. The cola will be reduced to 1 %. Discussions will begin in 2005. Expect a 3% increase 2006-2007, 4% 2007-2008, and 4% 2008-2009. These will include the merit program.
    6. The Office of the President noted the need for incentives for math and science teachers. They are looking at the CSU programs.
    7. Report of the Committee on Professional Governance Rob Melton: The committee looked at levels of interaction between LAUC and the academic senate. They stated that the level of starting salaries discourages recruitment and retention.
      1. There are 51 temporary librarians, which also affects diversity.
    8. Ad Hoc Committee on Instructional Roles for Librarians (K. Lucas) looked at teaching practices at all campuses. Other LAUC members recommend that librarians have instructor added as a title, and that librarians be able to teach classes but not be appointed lecturers.
    9. Open access peer-reviewed e-journal: LAUC decided not to pursue this due to sustainability issues, infrastructure and funding requirements. The UCLA Graduate School has an e-journal. It was suggested that LAUC partner with this journal, endorse it and lend credibility.
    10. Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction: There was a lively discussion on by-law revisions. The movement is to bring by-laws in line with current practice and make them more flexible. They want to change the name of the body to council, making the Board more division-driven. Standing rules were also discussed.
      1. Ken suggested we need time to comment on the changes and would like to see the supporting documentation before we dive in.
    11. Terry Huwe did an excellent job with the panel discussion of faculty members, members of SOPAG talking about what they do. Marketing, outreach and collaboration are areas where librarians need to grow more.

  8. System-wide bylaws update - Kuei Chiu
    1. The committee has done a comparison of the by-laws and procedures by telephone conference call. This is time-consuming due to discussion of the wording.
    2. Assembly will be used for programs. Council will be used for body. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the by-laws.
    3. By-laws parallel current practice using ALA and ACRL as models. LAUC would like to simplify the delegation allocation. 1-50 librarians = 1 delegate, 51-100 librarians = 2 delegates, etc.
    4. The Committee also discussed the relationship between LAUC and other groups.
    5. At the divisional level, LAUC can request a representative from library administration. This representative would allow LAUC to interact with other organizations, giving LAUC more flexibility. This must be voted on and passed before taking effect. This could take time.
    6. Added chapter 15, that standing rules can be adopted. All standing orders will be assembled into a separate document. This is now a working document that dictates the workings of LAUC.
    7. The business year is from October 1-September 30.

  9. Fall Assembly will be December 2, 2005 at UCSC.

  10. Spring Assembly will be June 1 & 2, 2005 at UCLA, with UCI helping.

  11. Update from LAUC-R Archives review - Heidi Hutchinson
    1. Michael charged a group of past LAUC chairs + Ken to explore what is in the archives, and determine what should be kept in the paper archives and what should be archived electronically.
    2. Archives are in Special Collections and also a rolling file in Stefanie's office. They have been accumulating for 20 years, and are held in 22 boxes. Boxes are arranged chronologically, not topically, but are not well organized. The rolling file was designed to go from chair to chair but went downhill after 5 years.
    3. The group hasn't yet met to decide what should be kept in the archives. More recent minutes and annual reports of committee chairs are available on the LAUC-R Web site.
    4. The documents are useful. It was decided that 1 past-president's papers need to be in the rolling file and the rest need to go to the archives. Other past presidents' materials need to be boxed up.
    5. Heidi prepared a finding list that will be posted to the Web site.

  12. Approve LAUC-R Committee Membership
    1. Judy Lee and Sharon Scott were added to Committee on Personnel
    2. Lynne Reasoner was added to Committee on Professional Governance.
    3. Committee on Library Plans and Policies difficult to fill.
      1. Could have nothing to do. Should committee continue? The committee isn't always charged. Could an ad hoc committee cover any need that arises?
      2. This is a two-year appointment, poorly defined, and not charged at the system-wide level. Ken will advise the chair/president of LAUC.
      3. In the meantime, LAUC-R will report that the committee is on hiatus. If a change occurred, Ken could appoint someone.
    4. The Committee on Scholarly Communications is a potential ad hoc committee.
    5. The Committee on Campus Visibility needs more background work. We will wait for a final report.
      1. Could this be an ad hoc committee? No, this is a long-term issue.

  13. New Business
    1. Interviews for AUL for Information Technology and Systems will take place October 3-4, and October 13-14. LAUC portions will take place on day 1 with lunch in Science G-35. There will also be an open presentation. Packets will be sent soon. On October 13 LAUC will meet after the last candidate for a few minutes.
    2. Ken is compiling the wrap-up on the AUL candidates for Research and Instructional Services.
    3. Interviews for AUL for Scholarly Communications and Collections will take place October 17 & 18, October 31-November 1, or November 7.
    4. The peer review workshop needs to be put on the calendar in November.
    5. There will be a new librarian's tea, and will include the Palm Desert and temporary librarians working greater than 50%. Those librarians working less than 50% are considered affiliated members.
    6. The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

Margaret Hogarth, September 26, 2005