Prof Dev Funds Upcoming Deadlines

Deadline reminder: MARCH 30, 2017 is the final day for requesting LAUC-R funded professional development requests for this fiscal year.

NOTE: All LAUC-R funded requests for this fiscal year should either be entered in the Travel App or formally email approved by your supervisor for non-Travel App appropriate requests by March 30, 2017. LAUC-R R&PD committee will then start the process of determining what funds are available for further distribution this year.

Requests for supplemental funding should be completed by April 15, 2017

For more professional development funds and process information, please visit here.  If you have any questions please contact Tiffany Moxham.

Register for the 50th Anniversary of LAUC Now!

Come celebrate LAUC’s 50th Anniversary at the LAUC Assembly at UCI on April 20.  Hotel & Registration deadlines are approaching.  If you need hotel accommodation at the LAUC rate, please register by March 26.  General registration for the Assembly is due by April 10.   Please share your LAUC story and photos on the website at

2017 LAUC Assembly website

LAUC-I will be hosting the LAUC Statewide Assembly and 50th Anniversary Celebration at UCI to be held Thursday, April 20, 2017, at the UC Irvine Student Center, Pacific Ballroom C and D.

All relevant information, including a section to gather your LAUC memories in celebration of the 50th Anniversary, is available here.

Brown bag: National Diversity in Libraries Conference report-back, Thursday, March 2

The LAUC-R programs committee invites you to an informal lunchtime brown bag session on Thursday, March 2, from 12pm-1pm in Rivera 403.

We’ll hear from UCR librarians who attended and presented at the National Diversity in Libraries Conference (NDLC) at UCLA in summer 2016. We’ll be discussing highlights of NDLC presentations, including projects from colleagues at other institutions, and the current national landscape of library diversity work from a librarian perspective. Light refreshments provided.

Membership Meeting: Dec. 8, 2016

Present: Kat Koziar, Kuei Chiu, Tiffany Moxham, Noah Geraci, Rhonda Neugebauer, Dani Cook, Ken Furuta, Alison Scott, Yoko Kudo, Swati Bhattacharyya, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Manuel Urrizola, Cherry Williams, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Judy Lee, Michael Yonezawa, Eric Milenkiewicz, Robin Katz, Carla Arbagey, David Rios, Kent LaCombe

  1. Minutes were approved
    Brief discussion of committees, three people were added to various committees and one removed
  2. Kent reported on the diversity committee’s strong interest in helping to establish all gender restrooms in both of the main campus libraries. He is planning to meet with Steve on this topic.  Kent and Judy also briefly talked about the committee’s interest in sponsoring a diversity panel in the late winter or spring quarter.
  3. Ken reported on elections, particularly the vice-chair position in LAUC-R. Eric volunteered to run.  Nominations were closed.
  4. Michael reported on professional governance, he attended a system-wide brownbag where LAUC position papers were reviewed, two were rewritten.
  5. Tiffany reported on Research and Professional Development; and explained how professional development funds are currently utilized and the process of reimbursement. Currently the allocation is $1,500 and is used between July 1st and March 30th.  By May 20th of every year all reimbursements must have been added to the system.  Funds utilized in the post-end of May period will be covered.  For a complete description of the process please see:
  6. The California Library Association’s annual conference with be in Riverside the first weekend in November, 2017. CARL is the academic equivalent of CLA, though CLA does still have some academic participation.  Presentation proposals are due by mid-May.  The theme for the conference is “New Worlds.”  The group discussed other opportunities for sponsorship, shuttle buses to campus, and other ways we might want to contribute and/or participate.
  7. Kat reported on the Social Justice webinar that was held on December 1st at 11am. The groups discussed possible follow-ups.  Perhaps brownbags on advocacy or how we might interact with and support others on campus in ways related to social justice.
  8. Patricia talked about the ACRL Diversity Alliance and the possibility of creating positions for diversity fellows – bringing in one or two fellowships a year, and building a pipeline to existent library schools, in a manner similar to the IE Leads program.

Meeting adjourned.

Revised PD Funds Guidelines and Timeline

New professional development funds timeline is available here

iTravel is the UCR application used for travel planning and expense reporting system
iTravel information/ amounts must be completed in iTravel AND submitted AND  receipts provided to the library’s travel coordinator or Director of Planning and Budget designee in order to be considered a complete travel re-imbursement provision.
Individuals may start a “new” trip and enter the details without actually submitting for re-imbursement until a later time/when the trip is complete.

Travel Request App:  this is the in-house library app for gaining approval to travel/partake in other professional development activities.

The Call 2016-2017: Interim Resolutions

The following documents replace various Appendices and documents referred to in The CALL (Oct 24, 2016) as interim resolutions for the 2016-17 review period.

APPENDIX II: Checklist A
APPENDIX VIII: Ad Hoc Committee Report
APPENDIX IX: CAPA-L Committee Report
APPENDIX X: Academic Review Action Summary
APPENDIX XI: Career Summary Sheet
APPENDIX XII: Statement of Professional Achievement
APPENDIX XIII: Review Initiator’s Evaluation Cover Sheet

Statement of Primary Responsibilites
Academic Biography Form
Candidate’s Performance Review Cover Sheet
Candidate’s Letter of Evaluation Request Form

Range of Options
Review Initiator’s Letter of Evaluation Request Form
Review Initiator’s Request for Secondary Evaluator Form
Secondary Evaluator’s Evaluation Form

Membership Meeting: Oct. 27, 2016

1:00-2:00 pm
Location: Orbach 240

Present: Kat Koziar, Carla Arbagey (recorder), Judy Lee, Jessica Geiser, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, David Rios, Ann Frenkel, Tiffany Moxham, Michael Yonezawa, Kuei Chiu, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Rhonda Neugebauer, Dani Cook, Yoko Kudo, Swati Bhattacharyya

  1. Gavel exchange: from Past Chair Carla Arbagey to current Chair Kat Koziar
  2. Business
    1. Notification of Chairs
      • Committees, Rules, Jurisdictions, and Elections: the past chair is willing to help a new chair if one should step forward
      • Professional Governance: The charge for the system-wide CPG was shared with the local committee, which includes writing a few short essays on major bylaws changes, which will be used for the LAUC 50TH Anniversary
      • Programs: The committee recently co-sponsored a program with the Diversity Committee, a webinar on diversity in libraries. Coming up, LAUC-R has also sponsored a campus program featuring author/actress Diane Guerrero
      • Still in need of a parliamentarian, alternate parliamentarian, and vice chair
    2. Budget: Kat announced that the LAUC-R budget was approved by Steven Mandeville-Gamble; there is additional money for programs this year, so send your ideas to the relevant committee or LAUC-R Executive Board
    3. System-wide: Carla reported on the meeting she and LAUC President Dana Peterman had with CoUL (Council of University Librarians); topics included LAUC plans for the year, the 50th anniversary activities, and communications between CoUL and LAUC members
    4. Other:
      • Steve mentioned ACRL’s new Diversity Alliance, which is focused on having more diversity in LIS programs and schools; he is working on a way for UCR Library to join under our current policies
      • Tiffany reported on her meeting as the LAUC-R Committee on Courses guest; she has contacted subject specialists to let them know if there are changes in the works for classes in their areas; the committee is also looking at issues regarding online education
      • Ann Frenkel reported that the Direction and Oversight Committee is planning more informational webinars and urged librarians to attend
      • Kat reported that we had 36 LAUC-R members for the September census, which affords us an additional delegate at the LAUC Assembly; Michael mentioned that the second delegate is usually the vice chair
  1. Discussion: What do you like about LAUC-R Meetings? What would you like to see?
    1. Kuei: it is a good platform to talk about issues, and it’s an inclusive environment
    2. Steve: we can discuss important issues facing librarians, such as OA2020
    3. Michael mentioned that LAUC and its divisions can propose resolutions to be passed at the LAUC Assembly, such as a statement on Open Access/OA2020
    4. Patricia: much of the energy of LAUC-R comes from the chair, so it’s a good time to talk more about issues, have more focus and structure
    5. There was additional discussion about OA2020, including looking at our internal OA practices, and possibly continuing the conversation in a future meeting or brown bag session

Membership Meeting: July 12, 2016

2:00-3:18 pm
Location: Orbach 240

 Members Present:  Carla Arbagey (Chair), Kat Koziar (Secretary), Kuei Chiu, Ann Frenkel, Kent LaCombe, Angela Lee, Judy Lee, Julie Mason, Eric Milenkiewicz, Tiffany Moxham, Rhonda Neugebauer, Sharon Scott, Ying Shen, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Michael Yonezawa, Alexandra Dolan-Mescal (Guest).

Meeting called to order by Carla Arbagey at 2:06pm.

  1. Announcements
    1. Carla stated congratulations to newly-elected LAUC-R officers: Kat Koziar chair-elect, Secretary Kent LaCombe, Delegate David Rios, Alt Delegate Judy Lee; CAPA-L members Michael, David, Judy, and Krista.
    2. Patricia indicated that CAPA-L will be sending a survey to everyone who was involved with the Academic Review process during the last year. She encouraged those who receive the survey to be responsive and timely in their feedback.
    3. Ann stated there are many upcoming changes in library personnel: Dani Cook will be joining us on Monday July 18 as Director of Teaching and Learning.  Her office will be in Rivera in Krista’s office.  Krista will be moving to Anthony’s old office.  We have received a signed acceptance letter from Swati Bhattacharyya, who will join us as the business librarian the second week of October.  CAPA-L has approved the Geospatial Information Librarian candidate as part of the acceptance process.  The Director of Research position will be reopened once the campus recruitments for the previous fiscal year are closed.  Denise Kane’s last day will be this Friday, July 15, 2016.
    4. Kuei asked for an update on the system-wide election. Carla won the position for Vice President.  At the time there was no number regarding the voter turnout.
  2. Approval of Minutes
    1. No Quorum. Michael suggested approving the minutes by acclamation through email.  Approved minutes must reflect this type of approval.
  3. System-wide Update (Carla Reporting)
    1. LAUC Transition Meeting is at UCI. Carla and Julie attending.
    2. Research & Professional Development Webinar. Dana Peterman is supposed to be putting a webinar together.  Keep an eye out.
    3. Jerrold Shiroma (UCM) will take over from Julie Lefevre (UCB) as webmaster in August.
    4. Task Forces formed by Diane Mizrachi will continue into next year: Web Content, Archives, and eVenue
      Web Content is divided into three areas: Web Manager, Social Media Coordinator, News Content Coordinator
    5. Join LAUC on Linked In!
    6. UCOLASC (University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication) Meeting Notes
      • Praise for the Data Curation Common Knowledge Group (CKG) new video, Research Data Matters”, a project co-led by our own Kat Koziar! Kat added that the project is still in assessment, and feedback is welcome (
      • Open Access initiatives
        • Pay it Forward report and model will be available soon
        • eScholarship
          • eScholarship is undergoing a rebranding; however, Rhonda heard it might be on hold.
          • Carla referenced the email Alison had forwarded containing a link to a blog post ( countering the Chronicle of Higher Ed article ( There was comment on the irony that the Chronicle’s article is behind a paywall.  While 25% participation is still far away from the goal of 100%, it is incremental and positive progress compared to the vast majority of other institutions in the U.S.  Nebraska has ~40% deposit rate; however, Kent shared that they had staff dedicated to help faculty upload.  Tiffany stated the UK has ~95% upload rate, but additional institutional funding is tied to participation.  Kat mentioned if our institutional funding was tied to upload rate, the campus administration would figure out a way to harvest and upload from the faculty efile system.
          • Michael asked if there is a report regarding usage of the deposits, indicating we could use this type of data to incentivize participation.
          • A comment was made that perhaps articles aren’t being found as Open Access because search results are pointing to the published journal article, and not an OA repository. A question was posed if UC-eLinks could include a link to eScholarship if the article is available there.
          • Rhonda requested people can contact her about depositing articles/scholarly work in eScholarship
      • ACRL released a policy statement supporting and encouraging OA when academic librarians publish (
    7. Retirement of note throughout the UC Libraries System: Dan Tsang at UCI, Ruby Gutierrez at UCLA HAPI; Nicholas Meriwether at SC/Grateful Dead Archivist leaving, Libbie Stephenson at the Social Science Data Archive (UCLA), Davis AUL for Collections Gail Yokote retiring
    8. Check the LAUC website, for the latest LAUC minutes – they have a lot of good info to read through, such as the full reports from our reps to UCOLASC, SCLG, SLASIAC, DOC, Shared Library Facilities, Campus reports
  4. Call for volunteers: Task Force to Review LAUC-R Committees
    1. Carla is charging creation of a task force to review the LAUC-R committees. Requests the task force to be 3-4 members, whose work should entail only about two meetings.  Would like to know which committees should be retired, combined, or adjusted.  Work should be completed by end of August, with a resulting brief 1-page report.
    2. Sharon provided background information that LAUC-R has more committees than any other campus.
    3. Sharon volunteered to serve on the Task Force, though not lead it.
    4. Formal charge is forthcoming.
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Personnel: Julie reporting. Last job descriptions reviewed was Technical Services, Digital Assets Metadata Librarian.
    2. Programs: Rhonda reporting. We had a nice year.
    3. Research & Professional Development. Julie reporting.
      • Still no report from Lee; there have been no quarterly reports for FY1516. Librarians are encouraged to send in any overages for reimbursement.
      • Do not know if the $1500 has been extended for FY1617. Carla stated the Union is requesting $2000/librarian in the contract negotiations.
      • LAUC Grants will be available in fall. All information is on the LAUC website.
    4. Diversity. Carla on behalf of Melissa.  National Diversity in Libraries Conference in August is sold out.  From UCR Kent, Julie, Judy, and Denise will be attending.
    5. Mentoring. Carla on behalf of Krista. Carla put forth a question regarding the role of LAUC in mentoring new librarians.  A statement was made that the focus of committee changes to library needs, though it has primarily been on staff to librarian mentoring.  The conversation expanded to if LAUC should provide librarianship information for all new library staff.  Perhaps the committee could be turned into an onboarding, welcoming committee.  Michael shared that UCSB has a committee on Welcoming, Orientation, and Mentoring where each new librarian is paired with a librarian mentor to help acclimate.  Carla stated she would include this information for the charge to the Task Force to Review LAUC-R Committees.  .  It was noted that communication and coordination with the Library-wide professional development committee (of which Patricia S.-H. and Michael Y. are members) would be necessary as that committee has a similar goal.
    6. Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction, Elections. Sharon reporting.  The committee conducted elections.  27 ballots were returned.  Some ballots were returned with personal comments written upon them, which was disconcerting.  Please do not add personal comments onto ballots.
    7. Professional Governance. Michael reporting.  Nothing locally to report.  System-wide 2-3 libraries have submitted bylaws for review.  The reviewed bylaws were not in conflict with system-wide bylaws.  Michael will be system-wide chair of CPG on September 1st.
  1. Senate Representatives
    1. Committee on Courses. Tiffany not in attendance.
    2. Committee on Library and IT. Melissa not in attendance.
  2. As may arise.
    Julie shared that the University Honors program has completed for the academic year, but will be continuing next year. If anyone wants to join, please contact her.

Meeting adjourned 3:18 p.m.